Silly article about things TV chefs say

This article showed up in my email from Well Done this morning. I’m not sure if it’s serious but it struck me as if the writer forced him or her self to write something slightly provocative, maybe tongue in cheek, maybe not. I disagree with most of it but wondered what people here thought.

Just pop it in , flavor town , baam. But the most famous of all was Justin Wilson
Let’s hear it .

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I’ve got several, and I’m sure I’ve shared them all.

Not a fan of "pop it in " and "throw it in ", I think implying no effort.

All right with the “fresh”, “bright”, and “acid”. There is often not enough of these; I get it. Has anyone heard about too much of these? Too much freshness?

Why “bake it off”? Why not just “bake”?

And “so and so flavor to it”. Is “to it” neccessary?

Bah. I think fewer words are better. But maybe that’s editing and not cooking.

I gar en tee .


“How good is that?” (American - mainly Ina Garten)

“Tumble them in” (British - Nigella Lawson)

Not something I’m going to lose sleep over but it grates whenever I hear them.

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Giada pronouncing spaghetti.


It’s an okay article. My expectations are low. sigh

There is a difference between British English and American English, and a lot of dialects of each. Insufficient respect for that, which is odd because I perceive the author as a snowflake cowering in a “safe place.” YMMV.

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Justin Wilson…“I gar-on-tee” !!!

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Yes…“spaggg gett teeee” and baring all her teeth and grimacing as she says it !! ugh!!

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I don’t watch any TV chefs, but I do read a lot of recipes and other food-related writing, and there are definitely some phrases I am sick to death of. Like that bread must be “crusty” and olive oil must be “your best,” or at the very least, “good.” Perhaps I’m unusual in that I only have one kind of bread and one kind of olive oil. The former is not squishy, and the latter is not bad. Am I an outlier?

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I have to admit, most of the closing lines irritate me too, especially the long-winded ones, and if I never here the word “bam!” in Emeril Lagasse’s voice ever again I will remain the happier for it. (I can live with Pépin’s “happy cooking!”, and maybe partly because she was the first, I have a soft spot for Julia Childs’ original “bon appétit!”)

But the rest of it? Geeze! if that’s the best he can do to fill space even on only 15 minutes notice, he needs a new job…

Many years back, Michelin 3* chefs Albert & Michel Roux had a cookery programme in the UK. They’d sign off each episode with “Happy cooking - and happy eating”.

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Good olive oil as compare to…?

Post withdrawn

Which tv Chef is always calling the food shot, MONEY? I forget his name…

Just out of curiosity, if you hosted your own food TV show. How would you end it. What would YOU say?

Dig in!

Easy, I’d play out with a song.

You don’t think some people use bad quality olive oil?