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Gross or yum? I don’t like mayo so it’ll be gross for sure.

Waste a cup to make it look like you get more :frowning:


I like this idea if they also use the exact dimensions of the pizzas.

These are the exact measurements, apparently.


I like mayo, but yuck.

I used to have the measuring spoons. They’re mostly a joke, but a lot of old family recipes are written with those!


I’ve always thought the cutesy names were silly (and a lot less helpful than an objective measurement), not to mention not really reflective of the amounts that generally seem to be called for in old recipes that use the “original” seat-of-the=pants pinches/dashes/handfuls/etc . But I do like having tiny measuring spoons that yield small, but reproducible, amounts of things. This is the first time I’m seeing a set like the one pictured (with the larger three spoons), but on the sets I have the smallest ones are basically 1/16th tsp and 1/8th tsp respectively… I think I may also have one that has a 1/3tsp which is kinda nice to have when you’re scaling recipes, though obviously not “essential”…


My grandmother cooked like that. Fortunately, I got the chance to spend hours with her in her tiny kitchen, so I was taught how much a pinch and a dash were foe each recipe.

The saddest to me is that so many people want to follow a recipe, lockstep, and never realise that cooking at home is not an exact science. Today the tomatoes don’t have much taste (for example) so my dash of salt is going to be a little bigger than on a day when the tomatoes are full of flavor.

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Knock-offs are sometimes funny.



Not one cherry.