Silliness (2018 Thread)


I was just about to point out that it looks like that centipede-ish thing is in fact missing either its head or its butt, along the same line the slice was cut… :wink:


I see your point of view…but the other slice is still there or perhaps not…GROSS!!!

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I’m still in the Japanese tropics and there are ants everywhere. I even found some on top of my food. Rather ants than centipede. Lots of geckos here also but none has gotten into my food yet.


This sort of thing is one of the few “spheres of life” in which I consider ignorance to be bliss. I don’t have many illusions about the “purity” of food (or the environment in general), but except when it involves something potentially dangerous in minute amounts (like toxic waste or similar contamination), I vastly prefer not staring it in the face. (Or in this case of this latest round of photos, not having it stare me in the face.:rofl:)

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So the climate change scientists say that we’d better get used to thinking about insects as protein & I think I could approach that centipede in the crust better than a plate of them fried. In your travels have you eaten cricket or other eight-legged critters?
(That tarantula! No way am I eating that dude.)

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I did have mealworms (Japanese snack sold in small bag like crisps) and crickets. Unfortunately the crickets only tasted of the ingredients they were cooked in (chillies, msg, salt etc). Both are crunchy.

In Colombia there’s a town where you can eat ants. Yes, ants.

Insects are absolutely everywhere here in tropical Japan and they “fall” into my food all the time. You see crawling things on tables, floors, flying in the air, just everywhere really. The things that do fly are usually big.

Perhaps if you don’t see the creature it would make it easier? Some insects are also in powder form.



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Silly knock-offs.



Still more than 2/3 is air.

Portion control. The pepper is tasteless to me. Oh wait, it tastes like sawdust.

Blends almost right in.





those costumes are hysterical

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This costume remains a favorite. :jack_o_lantern: all!


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Haha. The avocados are too much.

OK, how disgusting is this? I think Kramer would probably do something like that. George eats from the rubbish bin but he confronts a double-dipper. See the story here:

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You know what, people like this should be banned from society. This really pisses me off. Honestly if you do something like this you should have to wear an ankle bracelet like a parolee, and when you enter a store it alerts the store there is a socially inept person in the store and they require supervision. F#ck this guy honestly.


Although these never last :sob: :sob::sob:


I’m not sure if this is something I am glad or horrified to have seen. Probably glad as it will now drastically cut my already low consumption of publicly scooped soup.


This is exactly the reason I refuse to eat at buffets. If food requires a sneeze guard, then someone will figure out a way to defeat it.

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There is such a thing as “vegetable butcher”. Harrod’s food hall has these new “butchers” now.

  1. I have good knives and love them.
  2. I do a lot of thinking and learning when slicing and cooking.
  3. I enjoy the process of cooking which also includes slicing my vegs.


I wanted to reply simply “OMG!” but the website won’t let me.

So: OMG!

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Hope the steak is butter tender.

Does it have a specific flavour or the colour is for novelty factor?

Well done? I remember reading he likes his steak well done.

Silly gadget. I use chopsticks.


I know a woman who was bitten by a poisonous spider while picking out bananas in a local produce store. She got very ill, which was not funny. But it still feels Monty Python to me.