Silliness & Food Funnies 2022




That is too funny! :skull:

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These accessories cost at least a hundred bucks each.

And some things that look or taste of certain foods


I’ve seen the Velveeta manicure products before. But the mac&cheese gummies are new to me and made me nauseous just looking at the picture :nauseated_face:



A cheese cave

Cooking instructions

Mayo after having been frozen

Seen one of these yet?


Are the Mac and cheese gummies pot gummies?

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Some of them are foodish related…


A rare “Cadbury Rover”

Perhaps a bit too much extra time on his hands?


Honest, Boss - I just want to smell it.

I’ve seen similar at my grocery…


Apropos of nothing…

And an ode to Stealers Wheel and one hit wonders in general…



Bad food days.

Have never done it in my life. This would happen I’m sure of it.

I don’t have a mixer and have to knead the dough by hands every time.

Someone had a short stopover in Singapore and wanted to visit the famous Michelin hawker shop. The stall closed shortly before he arrived and he’d leave Singapore half an hour before they open.

FYI, I read Hawker Chan has lost its Michelin star. If you want to check it out make sure you have a lot of time. Queuing can take as long as 3 hours.


Food is the new sports trophies

Me starts doing research

Yeah, that’s me on the right but even uglier. I remove all the eyes as well.

When you see it…


That took me a minute. So glad Remy is alive and well.


I thought the joke was the long hair hanging out of the chef’s toque! LOL!
I didn’t see Remy at all at first!


Zooming in helped. LOL


You bet. I don’t own a cat; but cat sit my grand kitties frequently. I really should use a sign like that. Usually, the first day, one of my daughter’s two cats will get a paw or head caught in the door, if I don’t see them.

Love the Jabba the Hutt snowman.

Yeah, Warpigs!

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Post of the year, bro! Even in Milwaukee, we did that. At my high school, we have an Ag week followed by the popular Ag games, you start out on a toy tractor. One’s a JD, the other an IH, so kids choose their preference. They have to throw and stack hay bales, then they have to get calf bottles ready. Getting the nipples on those things can be a btch. Our kids go nuts when they’re doing the Ag obstacle course. Then the frozen turkey bowling, and, of course, the chicken plop. Kids pick a faculty member to kiss the cow. This year, we had to get the cow in via back hallway, and, of course, it shit all over the floor. Some days I get to play custodian. That was one.


Do janitors still use that stuff that they threw over the kid’s vomit like I remember from grade school?
It smelled worse than the original offense.

Vamoose! Hell yes. If I’d known where they stored it, I would have used a whole box. It wasn’t just a cowpie, it was plural. One time a cow shts in the hallway, where the heck are they? GOK. I BS with the custodians and bus drivers every morning. Good crew.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr