Silliness & Food Funnies 2022

Time for a new Food Funnies & Silliness thread again.

There’s still not much to laugh about almost 2 years in. Cat humour makes time fly a bit faster, for me at least.

I wewet nuffing!

Still relevant

You make some tea

Bonus photo


The cat arm one is particularly relevant. I squooshed Alfie’s head as the fridge door closed last week. I had no idea he had come up and was sniffing what was on the bottom shelf. He shook it off and then stared at the door to see if I’d open it again.


The cat arm one I’ve seen on FB & it freaks me out!

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There would be no “us”! Perfectionists and (clean/neat/control) freaks are happy to be alone.

When watching a food programme I look away when this part comes. Makes my stomach churn. There’s a name for it (Mukbang).


Study hard so you could choose another career path.

What is the small print?

Dude eats a whole roast chicken in the cinemas

Food is accepted

Salmiakki liquorice ice cream somewhere in Scandinavia gets intensified with ammonium chloride. Tongue-numbing and tastes herbal.


Bad food day happens


FFS, eat what you like, do what you want. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own well-being.

Oh no. How many weeks does the girlfriend/wife have to eat banana bread non stop?

Doritos fan on the national team

Meanwhile the fake eco warriors when offline


The Zuckerbergs go to McD’s like you and I.


Pretty sure he’s not disable

Correct. A skill you’ll need till near “the end”. Unless you don’t like your own food (or someone cooks for you) and enjoy the sight of own filth.

Used to be fish and lobsters. Now it’s chicken wings.


Food jackpot.

You want extra wasabi, huh? Knock yourself out!

…Being born.


Slightly OT response to the very last photo of the Pad Thai receipt. I was in Chumphon Thailand in the middle of a scrum of ferry boat passengers, half tourists, half Thai. There was a vendor beside the sidewalk selling Pad Thai, each styrofoam container neatly stacked one atop the other in two sections, each section clearly marked, either “Thai HOT!” or “Mild”, with the top container in each section open so you can see the Pad Thai. Cool enough, truth in advertising or something. But the odd thing was that the “Mild” container was fly heaven, they were lined up to land on it like 747’s at Kai Tak back in the day. But the “Thai Hot” Pad Thai was sitting pristine and lovely, not a fly in sight. I don’t like Pad Thai but I bought one just to see how thermonuclear hot it was. It was spicy hot, I got a little forehead sweat at first, like wasabi hot, I guess.
It was not “Oh my God, the back of my neck is drenched in sweat!” hot.
So why did the flies ignore the Thai Hot one? Is it because of the way they ingest food? If you don’t know how flies ingest food, you probably don’t want to ask or to find out…
But maybe it just gave them a burn they chose not to endure?
Ok, threadjack over.


From my sister, who is friends with the woman who created the FB food group in Scotland. Although it does seem to be U.S. pricing…


This is a true story I just had to share. Where I live now is not exactly a food paradise, but we have managed to find a few places that we usually enjoy. Except last night. Went to a local Red sauce Italian that was clearly overwhelmed last night because they ended up seating everyone in a relatively short time. When I finally got my food, I asked a passing server for some salt and pepper. She looked at me kind of bewildered no asked did I want that to go. Salt and pepper. I’m still laughing.


Tap foot. Keep looking at wrist watch.
Everywhere people are waiting…


(Weird) food things:


Do not eat this


Haha… What?!

My kind of vending machine. Check out the big half wheels on the bottom!

And speaking of cheese… also the kind of presents I prefer to receive.


Jet lag posting.

It was Chinese new year the other day and someone made this beautiful pie.

Didn’t your mother say quit playing with your food?

The only thing I can do with a fondue fork is spearing my food, meanwhile someone somewhere…




They are all hilarious names, hard to pick a winning one. :rofl:


American food section in some countries.

In Ireland

Lidl has the exact same “American food products” across Europe.

Aldi flyers

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr