Silliness & Food Funnies 2021

I had one of those cats myself. If I left her alone for too long, she’d pee on my bed.

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Extra garlic. Nice!

Only if the meal is free…

Modern parenting. I’m glad I was raised by wolves.

That’s just semantics. Also, aren’t cats lactose-intolerant? The milk probably contains no lactose.


More knock-offs.

There are many funny Starbucks knock-offs in China, but I haven’t seen this one:



They even get the font right


There have been attempts (all failed) to teach apes to use sign language to speak. (They learn some words, but never put them together coherently.)

However, one gorilla did name their local cat “Stinky”. :smile:

What’s wrong with some people?!

Only the essentials in case you have an impromptu BBQ or can’t make it to the supermarket because you have no (clean) face mask.

Giant baguette. I mean surf board.

Oh, thanks for making it crystal clear.


I am baffled by the exchange about the cake. Bring dessert? Sure. Ask to be paid for it??? :confounded: :confused: WTF? By my tally my friends and family must owe me thousands for fruit, desserts, beer, apps, cheese, etc.


By my tally my friends and family must owe me thousands for fruit, desserts, beer, apps, cheese, etc.

Sounds like I’ve got some invoicing to do this afternoon, how many years back can I go to collect!


FB “friends”. I guess they are no longer “friends” after this exchange.

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Apparently there is now a meat vending machine in Westchestser, NY

At first I thought it was real but Boss just put on a sticker and replaced paper cups with plastic flutes!

How I want to be sent off

I always wash my greens again regardless

Don’t you look at the bottom before you eat?


I don’t eat a lot of fast food but I honestly never check the bottom of the bun.


IP inventor

Changed my mind. This is how I want to be sent off.

Uh… what? Oh, you mea spearmint.

What happens next, though? I’d pull into the next drive-through. Can’t take it anymore.

Works for me




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Is that Maya Polarbear? I have followed that account for this beautiful pup, and the hilarity of the ASMR. (Why is it I hate the sound of people eating, but find that of non-human animals to be delightful?)

^^Yes, it’s Maya. I love samoyeds.
(I also despise the sound of people eating. Makes my stomach churn.)

I don’t see the original media file anymore. My blockers probably hide it.

Here’s a smaller gif file again in case others who have blockers and can’t see:


I hate the cleaning part more.

Even Turkish lorry drivers need to have their proper breakfast before hitting the road.

Look before you eat. If it’s not mould then it could be burnt or uncooked meat.

What happens to my order?

Cigarettes came with your in-flight meals in the 50’s.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold