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That’s hot water, not a deep fryer. They reheat several of their menu items in the machine, which is called a “re-thermalizer.”

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Thanks. After watching it again I noticed the bag didn’t melt so it was indeed not hot oil or a deep fryer.

Alex, Angel it’s almost the same.

The size of the scoop is not specified so I guess they meant 2 miniature scoops.

I never saw the movie

I used to know someone who owned a Thai restaurant for a while. He said his restaurant used chicken paste in fish cakes. “It’s much cheaper than fish and they have no idea.”

The cake will only fit “Alex” so henceforth your name will be Alex.

Yikes, that sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. :confused: If this were the US, for sure that person would likely get sued by a pescaterian who doesn’t eat chicken. And then others who may have unknown but valid reason for not being able to eat chicken.

Scroll down the thread and you will see the translation and you can judge whether it is in bad taste or not.

Point is that there is no food to put on the shelves except for $2 bottles of ketchup which is a lot for the average Venezuelan, who makes that in a month. So if poverty and no access to food is silly and funny…


I heard about this video this morning on the radio. She still sounds dumb as a post from the brief blurb they played.


At first, I thought it was a parody. Halfway through, I hoped it was a parody. Now, I wish it was a parody. Maybe next week she will make toast. It would probably still be a 15-minute video.


I’m still not sure.
Almost like a cooking Spinal Tap.


Inside of a minute 40 her hair is touching the pasta. No thanks.

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Oh my.

I only made about 30 seconds. It reinforces my opinion that the young lady has absolutely nothing to contribute to society in any way whatsoever.


at 38yo, not quite so young. And “lady” is stretching it as well. LOL


We are the product of our upbringing. My Anglophile great aunt insisted on propriety. She encouraged me in middle school to do an analysis of the books penned by Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post over three editions (so six books in total). I’ve never recovered from that experience.

Years later a USMC firearms instructor (I was a civilian in a different agency who needed to pass qualifications) told me “Always be polite. It never hurts. It might help. It doesn’t make the b@$t@rd one bit more bulletproof when you have to shoot him.”

While I would not mind ridding the planet of Ms. Hilton I would do so with the utmost decorum.


Having no purpose is a depressing thought. She must appeal in some circles. Just not my orbit.

She probably does. And I’d probably stay far away from those particular circles too!! :laughing:


Crop circles, I’m speculating :thinking:


I recognise her name and face but no idea what she is exactly. From the replies I take it she’s a vacuous creature who has no reason to exist.


Heir to the Hilton Hotel empire and one of the original sex tape , um…participants and a prototype for the Kardashians.
She’s famous for being famous.
Sort of.



I haven’t made up my mind whether she is that dumb or very astute. ie: Make a
very stupid cooking video everyone will have to look at. Thousands of hits, kaching!


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