Silk Road Brookline MA -- quick report

First visit to a place that’s been on my list for a while, shared some takeout with friends:

  • Samsa, Uyghur beef/onion hand pie – lovely wheat wrapper with many thin layers, almost like a puff pastry, some ginger and maybe dried cumin in the filling.
  • Cucumber garlic – cold salad of diced cucumbers with some chili-oil heat in the dressing
  • Big-plate chicken – the one Uyghur dish I think I’ve had before, from when I reviewed Chef Chang’s on Back Bay (not to be confused with the old Brookline Chef Chang’s near St. Mary’s) for The Improper Bostonian back on October 2014: bone-in chicken thighs hacked into pieces (watch out for bone fragments), potatoes, red bell pepper, hand-pulled noodles, a lot of dried red chilies, fiery and hearty
  • Uyghuyr pilaf – medium-grain rice dish with chunks of beef and carrots, reminiscent of Persian of Afghan cuisine, thought maybe I detected butter or ghee in it
  • Celery with fungus – stir fry of celery and whole wood-ear, also with a bit of chili heat, very nice

Very fine all around, great first experience, will be back.


Yum, thanks for the mouth-watering report!


FYI: This is the sister restaurant to the one in Cambridge that has been discussed here and there several times on this board, and has its own thread:

The big plate chicken has, in particular, been talked about: "a very good version of Da Pan Ji (aka Big Tray/Plate Chicken), here listed just as Spicy Chicken for Two. In the Greater Boston area I’ve had this dish from Silk Road Uyghur Cuisine in Cambridge (many times) and Home Taste in Watertown (listed as Xinjiang Spicy Chicken). "