Sieve suggestions

I have one very old sieve that has larger opening than the 2 more modern ones. I have been looking for ones similar to my old ones but have come up empty. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I bought these early this year. Holding up, fine in the dishwasher. Small holes. Maybe look at what else they have or check a thrift shop/vintage site. Ebay?

Restaurant Depot has some larger mesh sieves.

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Thanks for the crab rec!

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Glad to know it worked out!

Too large a mesh?


This shape is better for cleaning. I’ve one of the amazon ones in the above link, but find it difficult to wash the stuff that wants to hide inside the outter edge, example rice, tea leaves etc.

Rim sieve is useful, especially for bakers or fine puree.

Oh I thought @Elsieb is looking for a sieve with larger holes (not fine mesh) like the older ones she has pictured.

I bought these earlier this year and am pretty happy with them.

Note that they do not mention either sieve or colander so it took me some creativity to find them in my orders - I searched for “set” :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:

I did quite a bit of to figure out the mesh sizes, then had to ask the vendors on Amazon, because either there was no mention, or it was “fine”. I believe I only found one in a restaurant supply place.

Rim sieve comes with all sizes of mesh, some you can even change them…
I see them in use by the professionals. I guess they need a bigger sieving surface, and a bigger bowl beneath.


The bigger holes are also useful in gardening, sieving soil from stones etc.

The classic one with handle is useful especially for liquid.

Thanks Naf, I did find a ‘soil sifter’ with changeable sieve discs but I really want a smaller version like my pic at top. Such an abundance of kitchen tools but little choice in sieve hole size!

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I need one of those. Putting it on my xmas list right now.

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