Side dishes for goose or duck

The traditional sides in Central Europe are usually red cabbage and potato dumplings.

I grew up often having wild rice with roasted duck.

I have been browsing Christmas goose menus.

I’m looking for something a little different.

Which sides do you like with roasted duck or goose?

Celeriac purée

Red cabbage with apple (unless I’m serving the duck with apple sauce). But, first choice with duck would always be peas - fresh if they’re in season, frozen if not.


Have you ever had a potato stuffing? I’m finding lots of Irish recipes for mashed potato with sage stuffing, or mashed apple and potato stuffing.

Thanks for the peas recommendation. Haven’t thought of peas with duck, as a side before.

My MIL used to stuff her turkey with her Tourtière meat pie filling - hers did include potatoes.


My cousin’s MIL’s stuffing for turkey tasted a lot like Tourtière. She was French Canadian from Fall River, Massachusetts, who relocated to Edmonton in the 50s. She was also Nathan Fillion’s grandmother (I’m bragging, super nice lady!) She passed away about 18 months ago. I was lucky to have Thanksgiving with her a few times.


Nope. Never previously come across it.

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Goose with a Pork, Cognac and Pistachio Farce (Foie can also be added, this stuffing is like a Pâté)
Served with Sautéed Chestnuts, Roasted Apple, Potato-Celeriac Purre, Currant Jelly.
Winter Squash, Brussels with Lardon, Cabbage all work very well with this as well.

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A pickled coleslaw (non-mayo).

For me goose or duck is so rich and fatty, you really need something acidic and clean to balance out the unctuous taste that fowl can often leave on the palate.


That’s where the braised red cabbage comes in.


I feel like braised vegetables lack the crunch and verdant crispness of non-heated vegetables.

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But you get the acidity. Also, most meals aren’t complete for me without a crisp salad.

True dat.

I gotta have some fresh veggies with each meal. Even breakfast I will have my broccoli as a stand alone dish. Or as a vehicle to eat my yogurt. :smile:

Wife’s danish family has duck every xmas. Apple and prune inside. Yes, red cabbage kraut. Also always lingonberry preserves (I’m an American heretic that also makes cranberry sauce), boiled peeled potato and gravy. Parsley. The duck is so rich I don’t think the taters need more than that really.

Is it dry this year? f no cuz I cooked it mormor!

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My husband is from New Bedford, MA - neighbor to Fall River. As I’ve told you, both of his parents were French Canadian with families from Ontario. DH went to his youngest uncle’s wake in New Bedford on Tuesday from Cape Cod where we live. All of his father’s brothers and his father lived into their late 90’s (and so my husband thinks he will, as well). I do not enjoy good health and frequently tell him that he cannot die first so I am depending on his genes.

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My cousin’s MIL made it to 96 1/2, and her sister who stayed in Fall River- never married, no kids- made it to 103, living on her own until her early 90s. I visited that sister when I visited MA in 2003.

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Beets with carrots, made with a touch of soy sauce.

Lentils made with cloves and a touch of ketchup.


One of my grandfather’s army comrades, Edmund Conroy, emigrated to New Bedford in 1919, where he became a maths teacher. He was, I think, a founder member of the branch of the Canadian Legion there and was instrumental in raising money to erect a memorial to British & Canadian men, from the area, who had served in the Great War. This is it -

By the by, a holiday in New England co-incided with me writing a history of their battalion, so we did a bit of replanning and included a day in the city, where I took the opportunity to go and pay my respects at the memorial.


It’s Christmas, so a great side would be something with chestnuts. I have a recipe for a great turkey stuffing with ground pork and chestnuts, but I don’t think it would go well with goose or duck.

How about a foie gras stuffing?

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