Sichuan Cottage (Marlboro, NJ ) Updates

There is a slightly new menu at Sichuan Cottage.

108 Beef Chowder Gunan Style has been renamed West Lake
Beef Chowder.

210a Chicken Wings has been added.

814/815 (Vegetarian Chicken/Beef) have been dropped

814 is now Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Chicken &

902 (Sesame Hot Diced Rabbit) has been dropped.

908a Fish Filet & Sour Cabbage Soup has been added
(to “Cold Dish”?!).

908b West Lake Beef Chowder has been added (to “Cold

908c Seafood & Tofu Soup has been added (to
“Cold Dish”?!).

920a House Special Sauteed (Bacon & Squid) has been

922a Sliced Pork Sauteed with Hot Pepper has been
added. (It was formerly only on the Chinese menu.)

933a Fish Filet with Chopped Chili and Black Bean Sauce
has been added.

937a Salt & Pepper Shrimp (out of shell) has been

946a Short Rib & Bitter Melon in Black Bean Sauce has
been added.

The West Lake Beef Chowder is really good, but has a lot of cilantro, so if you are one of the 10% who thinks cilantro tastes like soap, you may want to skip it. :slight_smile:

House Special Sauteed (Bacon & Squid) has a lot of bacon, which is really just strips of fat with a small line of meat. You can avoid it, but doing so makes the dish a bit pointless.

The Tea Smoked Duck is also very fatty, much more so than the Crispy Duck one might be used to.

Holy cow that is some serious menu study! Some burning hot ass sichuan sounds like just the ticket on a cold day like this. Man I wish they would start doing hot pot…that would be over the top.

@seal @joonjoon and the rest of you:

man I could really use some sichuan cottage in my life. I have to get back soon…great spot

I don’t think the 10% that don’t like cilantro should be visiting any food related site :wink:

I will literally go there any time you want Curlz! I am physically incapable of saying no to food trips. :slight_smile:

Let’s do it! It’s my birthday soon too so maybe we will get a free Sichuan cake ;o) How about this weekend? Too soon?

MY (big) bday is also soon! 2 cakes? :grin:

I could go this Sunday (Light of Day concerts all day Sat)…after that, I must admit I’m non-stop until February.

ETA: Chowhound.

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OK, Sunday it is. Late brunch works for me - say 2ish? All are welcome as they should have enough space at that hour.

Doesn’t work for me, but I doubt we’d find a time that everyone can make anyway.

Just make sure you post reviews!

2 is great!

@NotJrvedivici @joonjoon @corvette_johnny @ycf04 and anyone else reading…let us know if you can make it!

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I have a baby shower thing to go to Sunday starting at 3 :frowning: Eat lots for me!

Uggggh I’m doubtful at this point. I’m going to be out in the Princeton area on Sunday, if you want to change it to the Witherspoon Grill that’s where I’ll be!!


@joonjoon what happened to; " I will literally go there any time you want Curlz! I am physically incapable of saying no to food trips."???

If it works out better I can do an early brunch instead, say 11:30?

I can do that if it’s easier for some other people…

Still doesn’t help me. At 11:30 we’ll be at our monthly third Sunday dim sum–across the street at Crown Palace!! (And at 2:15 Mark has a student coming for tutoring, so the whole lunch period is shot.)

Maybe we need to set up a second lunch (or dinner), sort of like the Republican debates…

@NotJrvedivici God damn you! That’s like the one thing I have that I can’t get out of! :stuck_out_tongue:

@seal @CurlzNJ I can do 1130 or noon or whatever! I’ll probably regret it at the baby shower, but what the hey.

11:30 it is. I live 5 mins away so I will be early and get the good table. Should we post about it on that other site? Sounds like just the three of us so far.

Funny… I was just wondering about posting on the Chowhound NJ board as well…go for it! :grin:

I’m also going to create a separate thread on here because only those of us who are reading about Sichuan Cottage know!

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