Shrimp n Stuff Galveston Gumbo

Food Paradise from the boob tube visited and one of the features was the seafood gumbo. It hit all the bases, roux, trinity, lots of spices, okra, Gulf shrimp, a home run right?

Imitation crab!!

Foul ball, error, personal foul, illegal procedure, unsportsmanlike conduct, out of bounds, offsides, illegal formation and anything anybody else can think of.

The owner proudly says they’ve been using krab krud for over forty years. I didn’t know it went back that far and assumed Al Gore invented it so he could put it on his internet.

The menu says seafood gumbo with no mention of the fraudulent krab.

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Yikes. Was it the colored pollack?

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“Krabmeat” has existed for more than 40 years, but that claim that that this place has been using it in gumbo for more than 40 years strikes me as, er, well, let’s say “questionable”…

I’d have to see more credible evidence than one restaurant owner’s claim (how old is he, anyway?), but I’d be willing to believe it was available in some sort of bulk form from more-or-less less mainstream foodservice purveyors of “seafood”, but I’m less willing to believe that using it in an “American” gumbo in Galveston, TX in the mid 70s wouldn’t have raised some sort of hue-and-cry…

Oh, lawd!! And they admitted it on national TV! WTH! Shrimp N Stuff is a locals favorite though, they really love it. I wasl last there a couple of months ago to visit the “new” downtown location and what I got was unimpressive as I recall. I like the original location for its cute dining room and patio.

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Why would an owner lie about using fake crab?

The evidence you question I saw coming out of the owners mouth, he seems to be in his 60’s but he could have inherited the place.

As for the hue and cry most people probably didn’t know about the bogus ingredient.

I went to the original location once and never returned. We’ll stick to Benno’s, they can’t stuff krab into the shells, plus bonus blackened oysters.

There was some red involved, definitely not blue crab. You and I have eaten enough to tell the difference.

The food in the mid 70s in Galveston was largely bad. The city was still developing and besides the 110 year old Gaido’s, I recall one KFC there to stop and buy chicken on the way to the beach. Shrimp N Stuff was in a neighborhood I wouldn’t have traveled through and was a locals only place. I doubt there would be high expectations, but in any event, krab was still a novelty as I recall and people were interested in it.

Mid 70’s meant 29 cent gas and a one dollar round trip from Houston in the VW bug.

I don’t remember food just lots of beer.

The mid 80’s brought Frenchy’s Fried Chicken on Broadway, one of the best buffets ever at the Hotel Galvez with prime rib and boiled shrimp, Benno’s, and Seafood Depot on 61st with the double fish basket, the reason I stayed away from Shrimp n Stuff.

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Any Jets fans out there in New Jersey, if so I want to salute your win over my mighty Texans. The scoreboard says the Texans on top but talk radio on Monday will prove otherwise with much whining and hand wringing.

The record shows 10 and 4 but I went back and looked at the schedule and can only see 4 real wins.

I know Bob is a Giants fan from the bit of a stalker in me.

Game food, the Wifeacita and I split a Trader Joe’s pizza, no gumbo and certainly no krab.

Bob and I are both giant fans. There are definitely some jets fans from central and northern nj but there are more g men fans overall. I am waiting to see what kind of qb they pick up. It should be interesting!

I’m a big jj fan. a monster

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I think imitation crab meat is kind of a big thing in Japan. I don’t think it tastes bad but nothing holds a candle to blue claw.


I just read some of the comments in the Houston Chronicle and it was a crushing defeat for my mighty Texans. Who are these people?

Good luck on finding a qb and I mean this. I only hold ill will for three franchises, the Tennessee Tuxedos that stole my Oilers, the Arlington Cowboys, Oklahoma’s team, and the Saints that bring busloads of the most obnoxious fans ever.

I know you like reading the Houston board and I am fascinated by the New Jersey food scene.

Question. What foods do you like while watching a Giants game on tv? Our go to is chips, salsa, and queso from a couple of good nearby Tex-Mex places.

I’m not a fan of krab but do enjoy fried pollock. Blue crab!!!

Two sacks, a forced fumble, two tackles for losses, and over forty million raised for Harvey relief. He’s a monster in the community not just raising money but out there working with those in need. I’ve never seen anybody like him.

Why would an owner lie about using fake crab?

In this case, to make it seem like business as usual/nothing to see here/this is what you’ve been eating (and loving, presumably) all along… Sure sounds better than “well, yeah, of course we started using the fake stuff (without telling anyone and charging the same prices) when the price of real crab got too high…”

Well, that probably explains it. Not having any experience with the place, and certainly not in the 70s, I just figured something as obvious as “Krab” would’ve been noticed and remarked on as “strange and off-putting” (not to mention "foreign :wink:) by anyone anywhere near a coastline who would presumably have been used to eating “real” fish, even if only the “cheap” stuff.

I grew up (over the course of the 70s) in what I’m pretty sure was the last bastion of commercial fishing on Cape Cod - just before the commercial fishing industry there finally gave out completely in the early-mid 80s - and while basically anything that could command “good” prices at the regional/national level got “exported” to packing plants/distributors "elsewhere"and where, semi-ironically, the retail sale of fish wasn’t a big thing at all, but even the non-fishing locals would’ve been like “WTF is THIS shit” if someone had tried to sell/serve anything as obviously “faux” as Krab back then…

Check out this krab article…interesting read.

Well for game day I don’t think we have a traditional food here in nj. Buffalo wings would be near the top of the list for a good game day snack but there isn’t something that everyone eats all the time. Depending on where I am at it can range from finger foods to a full on sit down dinner…or even some BBQ. Sometimes I will get get up and get a brisket on in the early morning or a shoulder. That’s if I’m at my house :slight_smile:

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I’m pulling for your G Men today over the Tuxedos. Any food plans? Do you go to the games?