Should I Upgrade from my Cuisinart CustomPro 11?

I have probably owned my food processor for more than ten years (not sure!) and it is still working fine … although there is that missing shredder blade that i must have lost on a cross-country move.

Just wondering if there have been any real substantive changes in technology since my 11 that would warrant buying a new one. I generally use it for sauce making, pie crusts. chopping my own meat, purees… nothing too hard core, i guess - but one never knows.

Fwiw, I just recycled the original loose parts of my 10 yr old fp and ordered new parts through Cuis website. Its like a new machine without the full expense. If your motor is good, consider parts replacement. Other than bucket size, I see no reason to upgrade to a brand new fp.


Good advice here from Rooster!

Part replacement is the way to go.

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