Should I make my own harrissa?

They really seemed to like the heat here- they were one of the peppers that kept producing hard in the highest heat here so as sunny as you can give it would probably help.

Thanks! I thought there might be some magic preparation for which baklouti peppers were mandatory. That I couldn’t find online. Guess not!

Same here. They are still ripening on the plant here, but I don’t recall seeing flowers.

Thank you for the info, and the seeds as well! :grin:

They would probably be good done as the salt fermented peppers are but you’d need more than one to make that worth it, too.

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The temperature fell below freezing the night before last, which is probably the end of my two pepper plants, so I took in the last of the fruit (6 baklouti, 4 Anaheim) and got down to business with the harissa-ing. I am very happy with the result, which is mostly from this, with a couple of changes: subbed canned tomato for red bell pepper and tomato paste, neither of which I had on hand, and used ground cumin and cardamom, 'cause I’m not fancy enough to have all those whole spices around. Here’s the result, under and on this fried egg. (Still working on the crispy egg thing, trying to get over my fear of really hot oil.)




Thanks! I wasn’t expecting the harissa to be so good. I was also afraid the peppers would be too hot, but cooking calmed them down a lot.

Someone gave me 2 tablespoons of harissa powder (from their “Hello Fresh” order). Most recipes I see call for more than that. Is there anything I can make with 2 tablespoons? (We are only two people.)

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I’d make a spicy mayo dip or a marinade or salad dressing w it.

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