Should I brine prawns before marinating ?

Thanks to Linda I am grilling the firecracker prawns recipe that she posted . I was wondering if it’s worth to do a quick brine of salt and sugar before marinating for 1/2-1 hour . Thanks

Are they fresh out of the water? Otherwise they’re probably full of salty stuff like STP. If they are fresh, then I am very jealous :wink:

With the maple syrup, soy, and salt in the marinade I think you’ll be fine without.


I brine frozen farm raised shrimp. A magazine recommended brining, maybe it was Cooks Illustrated.

Brining firms and plumps them up. I try not to buy Asian frozen farmed shrimp which is common in the grocery stores even in their fish cases because they are limp and have poor texture. When I did, brining always improved the texture significantly.

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