Shore Fresh Seafood and Market, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Spent one of summer’s final days at the boardwalk with half of NJ it seemed like…bunnies go home…I kid…
Had dinner at Shore Fresh and it easy pretty enjoyable. Price was great for seafood. I got fried shrimp and fries 16 bucks for 10 medium shrimp not nad…batter was a bit heavy heavy but still enjoyable…wife had fried founder sandwich w fries and little one the fish taco…was happy to see it was as grouper instead of trash fish tilapia that most places use…both of theirs were on point.
Got there before 5 which was key bc it gets packed after. Service was fine, they accommodated us switching tables after being seated which was nice…only real complaints were one toilet for the whole place and packets of tartar sauce when they sell a house made version inside in the seafood market.
38 bucks before tip for three seafood dinners at the shore…Def a nice experience. Didn’t get to see the minor celeb like I did last time, but a plus dinner nonetheless.


My post feels lonely. …

i like your post :smile:


As a tip MF you may want to mention the name of resto in title of review, that usually gets more attention, especially if it’s a place out of usual circuits. From the crowds this is the kind of place I would consider hitting starting the week after next, when we get our neighborhood back.

Gotta say prices seem really reasonable at SF, if not downright cheap, for our area.

I’m especially curious about the $ 10.99 lobster rolls? Did you espy one of these and did it have actual crustacean on it, or was it just crust?

Reason I’m axin is Corvettes made me…

Yeah I would like to see one of these rolls too. I’m guessing lots of mayo…

Good tip viking on the name…sloppy work on my part…

Didn’t try the lobster roll, usually get the inevitable a boondocks when when I do…I assume at that price it’s nothing special…tend to stick to fried basic stuff at these types of places…although people around me were getting grilled and baked seafood and seeming to enjoy it…it’s not Nicholas or anything and the atmoshpere is not much but the fish is fresh and the prices are reasonable…

Skip the lobster rolls at SF. Its more like a lobster salad. Point Lobster Co. is where its at for lobster rolls. However, SF has its strong points, especially fried shellfish/fish, linguine with clam sauce, raw bar, etc.

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Wow, I didn’t realize Point Lobster Co. had a restaurant. I thought they were mostly wholesale, like Lustys.

Gotta say those photos of the old lobster roll with drawn butter and fries on Google look road trip worthy. I’m gonna have to hit this after labor day.

JS, thanks for the tip !

Agree that the title should always include the name of the restaurant and its location. Also very helpful is a link to the website.

Shore Fresh Seafood Market & Restaurant

I’m not familiar with this place so, @Metsfan86, I appreciate hearing about it. Since we’re always on the lookout for good fish and chips, we’ll check them out at Shore Fresh for lunch once the summer crowds are gone. Nice that they have outdoor seating when the weather is conducive.

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That response would have gotten a big flag on CH…


Don’t worry I flagged it for good measure. (joke)

Regarding Shore Fresh I have passed this place millions of times and each time it’s packed. Must be something good going on there.

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On my agenda for post labor day followup, that’s for shore. I’m thinking it’s another Keyport Fisheries at the south end of the 'hood. And then there is the Point Lobster Co. Lobster Roll to check out.

Labeling the three picnic tables outside a “restaurant” might be straining the definition of the word, but I’ll endorse their lobster rolls. Lobster bisque too.

On a related note, I’d expect Point Lobster to be offering some discounted prices on soft shell and cull bugs soon. Tis the season after all.

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So I heard some really good things about Spikes in PPB today for seafood.

They have LOBSTER chowder, which I am gonna have to try.

Anybody been?

Z man…any good softshell dishes down there lately? I’ve been meaning to get down to see my man AJ in squan.

Viking - go to Spikes for the soup…all of them are very good.

We went to Spike’s in PPB once a long time ago. Since we didn’t go again, we weren’t exactly bowled over. In the late 1990’s, they opened a market and full service restaurant on Route 9, in Marlboro. We ate there several times, and I occasionally bought fish there. Only lasted a few years.

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Honestly, Johnny, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any local restaurant offering a simple soft shell lobster prep - though I’m confident many have utilized the meat for ravioli, risotto, etc.

Worse, ever since d’Ennery left to follow the rainbow to Asbury last year, there hasn’t been anything new and exciting at the County’s southeastern tip. Except maybe the dessert menu at Blend (skip dinner and go straight to it) and my discovery of having pork roll added to the Breakfast Cheesesteak at Max Devros (so gut bustingly delicious).

Er, isn’t it the crabs that are soft shell?

And I’m used to seeing these in May/June, or is that wrong?

Spikes is excellent.