Shop Rite Supermarkets (Shrewsbury NJ)

Not your fault mon freres! Personally, I don’t like a porterhouse for home use…I leave those to the professionals. Ribeye or strip on the grill for me.

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We bought the Berkshire chops a few weeks ago based on their marbling. Grilled them. They were delicious.

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I have been so tempted to get them, the ones in the deli case correct? I’ve wanted to pick them up, brine them for a day or two then grill them ala’ Semolina! (well in my mind that’s how it’s going to go!! lol)


Just returned from a trip to Shop Rite, quite the interesting experience. First it was busy but not insanely so, they had plenty of fresh produce and breads etc. I would love to do a psychology research paper on what people hoard in these situations.

Completely out of any chicken, turkey or sausage products, but plenty of pork and red meat, including the butchers counter.

Plenty of seafood didn’t seem like they were out of anything. No toilet paper or Lysol products, limited the pasta but still some to choose from. Plenty of eggs and milk etc as well as frozen items. I was surprised I thought the frozen section would be decimated.

On a side note I decided to take a trip to Restaurant Depot and try my luck there. I was happily surprised by a couple things:

1.) they were pretty busy so hopefully mom and pops restaurants are holding their own

2.) they had plenty of chicken (10lbs minimum bag) and red meat

3.) no toilet paper or water bottles!


Good to know milk is back. Need to grab some soon.
I stocked up on pork tenderloin, ground beef for tacos, small sirloin steak for beef barley soup at Wegmans on Thur along with plenty of eggs and tuna. Grabbed an eye round roast and bacon yesterday. So pretty much same deal no chicken but plenty of beef and pork in store.


I went to my local Shoprite (Rte 34 in Wall) after the gym, iIguess it was about 10:15. The parking lot had a decent number of open parking spaces. They did have wipes at both entrances to sanitize your cart.

As mentioned already some sections in some departments were wiped clean but there was plenty within the general category. If you aren’t picky about brand everything was represented. There were some exceptions. This store had no chicken either but also very little beef or pork. There were maybe 10 corned beefs left, the lamb and veal section was full. The produce section was full and in fact I thought some things seemed to be on sale (asparagus and brussels sprouts were $0.99/lb)

There was some very limited paper towels left, I didn’t see any toilet paper but I only looked down but didn’t go down that aisle. Almost no cleaning products that had potential anti-vial effects. I have’t seen hand sanitizer there in a couple of weeks. They are limiting how many of certain items you can purchase.

I left at about 11:30 - not because of the crowds but because my sister called while I was there and I sat in the cafe area to talk to her. As I was leaving I noticed the store was almost empty of customers. It was the perfect time to shop.

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We buy regular, supermarket whole milk because it tastes better to me and I prefer it in baking and cooking. Organic milk has a ‘use by’ date weeks in the future- but it tastes funny to me. Anyhow, I have a couple of half gallons of it in the fridge now.

Having heard too many Middletown Shop Rite horror stories, I’ve been avoiding it. As I said in another thread, the Port Monmouth Foodtown was fine on Thursday.

Today, out of curiosity, stopped in to Livoti’s in Middletown. Also full stocked including a plethora of chicken. Grabbed another family pack of cutlets and more ground beef (hey, gotta make Shepherd’s Pie on Tuesday!)


so Shoprite Shrewsbury was not a pleasant experience today, WAY too many people wearing masks off their noses, both employees and shoppers… Foodtown has been such a more relaxing experience these days.

That being said I’ll be headed there this weekend prob as bugs are 6.99 a lb @gcaggiano @corvette_johnny @NotJrvedivici.
Looks like its lobster roll time, only question- vine verde or nice Modello Especial…?


Forget the lobsters unless you like soft shells. I’d have a hard time supporting a supermarket where staff and customers are so casual about wearing masks, though.

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went back for the bugs (total bust- 45 min wait instore). Once again, multiple employees not wearings masks correctly and same for customers. I will not be returning there in person any longer. This is only store I’ve been to where this happens. Foodtown in Red Bank and Trader Joe’s especially have had 0 issues. TJ’s is going above and beyond and Foodtown is much less crowded than SR and seems to at least be trying to enforce rules. Both places also clean carts between use to some extent (TJ especially) something ShopeRite is not (they do offer wipes when you walk in but by then its past the point)


Interesting; the Neptune SR has actually been doing a good job - wipes at the door (I’m ok with that), staff all wearing masks, and in general, customers are as well. That said, they stopped using alternating registers and THAT makes me nuts, because then you’re closer to other shoppers as you wait–and as we know, many people don’t understand what 6’ is/looks like–even with the tape on the floor.
I assume that all of the ShopRites are doing this; there’s a survey at the bottom of your receipt. I’ve used that as a way of telling them what I think (good and bad) each time I shop, and suggested this to a friend, who actually got a call from the store manager after doing so.

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Seen here today, not bad price either!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold