Shiner, Texas

So I’m here. Restoring a sweet little Victorian. Gonna take some doing but by the time this CC is over will be plenty big & wonderful enough for one of those “Weekend Country House Parties” that those actual Victorians always were having.

Thus far, I’ve visited all the local spots (didn’t take long - day & a half) and found favorite Mexican (Mary’s Tacos), fried chicken (Friday’s Fried Chicken), pizza (Subway), and bar (Shiner’s on Sixth).

Ah well… I was spending way too much money in restaurants anyway!


So gorgeous!

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The kitchen is going to need a little work.


Yes! :upside_down_face: Love those floors though, and charming windows!


And a gas stove hookup!

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Fantastic @Jaymes! Gas rules, IMO. Love the name of your town and looked it up on the map; how long of a drive from Houston area?

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A lot depends on where you are in Houston as it is massive. I live on the west side and I’m guessing 90 minutes if you take the madness that is I-10 which I won’t do preferring the leisurely southern Alternate US 90 where I’m sure to catch a few trains and not be worried about being run over by a soccer mom doing 110 mph. 2- 2 1/2 hours.

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Exactly right.
And it is in the middle of a bunch of small towns with strong religious communities. That means that I’m ideally suited when the virus ends and all the church congregations go back to having their church picnics and fundraisers and chicken and fish fries and assorted “fests” - Applefest, Wurstfest…


Thanks @jcostiones! I was there last in 1980, and was blown away by both size and traffic volume. Think we talked about it, and the loop wasn’t completely finished. Cars did whip by at 85 or 90 mph, felt like the races. Was supposed to be there this past April, but cancelled due to current. Was really looking forward to it, but that’s the way it goes. :pleading_face:

Best to you and your wife during what is surely a trying time in your area. I know your other half had Covid, I’m thinking you’ll probably be ok, and hopefully you both have lasting immunity. Such weird times. Happy 4th!


Happy 4th1 I just put my flag out I’ve had since I was a child so it’s aging a bit if you know what I mean.

Nobody knows anything about the immunity thing so we’re not counting on it.

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Yes, very smart regarding immunity. Will be great when we know more about novel corona. I’m more spooked than ever, and being very careful. Prepared to stay home or in the yard until a vaccine or effective treatments. Restless as hell, QT fatigue, a big YES. If Covid doesn’t get me, ennui might :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you been to Wied, halfway to Hallettsville? We got married in Wied on a small ranch 12 1/2 years ago and will gladly re-post the details with minor urging. It was quite a hoot.

There was an Exxon in “downtown” Shiner that did a great pressure fried chicken if you hit it fresh.

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Remember reading what you shared of your wedding. Please post more, cuz, you know, living vicariously…

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Haven’t stopped there, but driven through. Would love wedding details, including how you happened to pick that location.

Details coming but we’re about to hit the road. I see a drive around downtown Houston since absolutely nobody will be there plus the requisite search for trains.

A good friend of the Wifeacita lives in Wied on her ranch, yes she raises cows. We are always happy in dry times when it rains out there so she doesn’t have to spend money on hay.

This woman drove downtown every day working for an oil company. She crossed five rivers.

Jaymes, or anybody, homework assignment, name the five rivers between Wied and Houston. Four came to mind immediately, five took twenty minutes. I’ll give you people 24 hours.

Um…Brazos… :thinking:

Do you consider Buffalo Bayou one of the five ?

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No but it can be a raging torrent considering the Biblical rainfall we get on occasion.