Sherman's Deli, or Manhattan in the Desert? [Palm Springs]

One is tried-and-true, very old-school deli. (Sherman’s). Manhattan is the upstart, the new kid in town. The matzo ball soup at Sherman’s is better all around, but from there it’s neck and neck. The products are equally well-sourced. The food at both places is plentiful, for us fressers. It’s a hard call, but…
For my money, Sherman’s is the better bet. I prefer the ambience, I like a fast, gruff wait staff, and I love it when my waiter reminds me of my favorite uncle. While Manhattan in the Desert has plenty going for it, it’s just a little too Shiny/Happy for me.
Denizens of the Inland Empire? What are your thoughts?

Hasn’t Manhattan been there for several years? Oh, I forgot how much of that area considers a few years like th :grin: e last ten seconds.

I like Shermans better, because it is in Palm Desert.

Wilma & Frieda’s in Palm Desert on El Paseo, upstairs, is outstanding…breakfast/lunch.
Sherman’s is a decent Jewish deli…
I like Las Casuelas in downtown PS or Rancho Mirage with the gorgeous patio…

Thanks, Aloha. I like Las Casuelas too, for Mexican. I was mainly interested in the differences between the two classic Jewish delis.

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I feel the same way as you marci, Sherman’s reminds me more of the places I would go to when I visited my grandparents and I like the generous portions of standard but delicious classics. Manhattan just doesn’t have that feel for me.

Sherman’s food matzo ball soup especially is too salty for me and the chopped liver is inconsistent in flavor & texture. Sure you might miss the rude habits received from Sherman’s so… Manhattans team tends to be nice to their customers, yet they do play off that New York attitude light heartedly and not mocking or making fun of New Yorkers but embracing the strengths. Food and great service makes Manhattan in the Desert my favorite w/o a doubt!