Shelf-stable packaged roast beef hash?

I’ve posted in canned hash discussions before but have found every one I’ve tried to be too wet and not to my liking. Trader Joe’s used to have this one from Brazil. It was packaged and dry by comparison, and was (IMHO) really good. They dropped it several years ago and I’ve never seen anything like it again.

I found this pic on line and am posting in hopes that someone might have seen something similar I can buy.

I preferred that TJ’s hash, too, and haven’t seen anything similar. I get better results with canned if I spread it in a lightly oiled nonstick pan with a metal handle, and put the pan in a 375F oven, which dries it out better. Slide it out like a frittata, and flip it so the original underside is exposed for the second half of baking.

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