Share your (neurotic) Pet Photos + Garden/Local Wildlife

Having a pet or multiple pets are good for your (mental) health!

Some of my (sometimes neurotic) garden wildlife. They are so entertaining to watch.

Resident blackbird keeping cool in the heat by puffing up feathers and opening beak. He can sit or stand in this position for a long time.

A juvenile (also a blackbird) prefers to splash around in the bath

A baby right in front of my window, who freaks out when he finally sees me so up close.


Chunky McChunkface experiencing serious ennui due to his empty food bowl. A tragedy in 4 acts.


He’s probably looking at a fly/bug on the wall.

Nope. Despite being rather fluffy & likely a-ok not being fed for a day or two, he camps out in front of his food bowl whenever it is empty. Sometimes for a half hour or so.

I thought you’d asked for neurotic pics. He can pretty adorbz, too.


Shower at your own risk.




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I don’t have any pet but if I had one it would be a Brit Blue (British shorthair). I do have numerous photos of “him/her” around the house, though. And endless more on my laptop.

My imaginary cats


Locking eyes with King of the Arctic! An incredible moment to experience. You have to be quiet as a mouse when he’s checking you out like this. You are in his territory and he could take you like it’s nothing.

The partner was standing behind me and made this pic of me taking the photo above. Hard to see the bear but he’s inside the red border. It was about -14C/6,8F? so couldn’t be outside too long and certainly when without gloves (my fingers turned purple real fast).

Kayaking in Namibia. There are seal colonies in a coastal area in the country. These extremely inquisitive and adorable juveniles are some of the highlights of the trip. Tour company takes you to the colony and you go in a kayak for a few hours. Does not take long until they come to your kayak, like whales in Mexico. So much fun!


Soon… :pouting_cat:



Jack Black death stare?


You can’t tell from the photos, but the larger mostly white dog is neurotic as hell.

But here he’s sitting like a proper gent, legs crossed and all.

The boys do enjoy morning sunshine in my wife’s office, though. They’re brothers and littermates (but obviously from different fathers - one Beagle dad and one Springer dad by appearances; mom was a yellow Lab, according to the humane society).

The bigger one loves to sit up on the staircase and stare out into the cul-de-sac. I used a filter to turn this first (next) photo into a wire-frame type image, but then I had to destroy it.

This one below I call “Ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille”.

Mostly what he is neurotic about is food. A true Chow Hound, he is.


Hey, now.

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The second one is famous.

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Used to look at lolcat memes on that site for years. Even used the photo as myself online. :smiley_cat:

Please include the breed(s) so I can learn more.

Same. Well, the first sentence, anyway. And when I was teaching a Communications class, I even did a lecture on LOLCatSpeak and its evolution and variants.

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Parker, preparing to murder his feather and ribbon toy:



Finnegan, otherwise known as Finn, Finny, The Orange Cattorist, Handsome Boy,

Alfalfa, known as Alfie, Alfie-Doodles, Doodlehead, Fat Boy Slim Shady, and VampireCat.

And them both in a rare moment of mutual contemplation.


What handsome gentlemen!