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Hey there,
Just one stalk of kale ripped into pieces so it blends up easier. And shredded coconut (I like Baker’s). Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give it a whirl. It’s kind of a pretty minty-green color.

HA, I have a pretty coconutty kitchen, too. Coconut oil is nice for making granola and I’ve also used it to make faux Magic Shell–an idea from Cook’s Country or ATK. They’re pretty much the same thing to me. :slight_smile: I got on a coconut kick a few years ago and it just sort of continued over time.


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Ha. I do like those young coconut drink. However, I also find it difficult to open them as well.

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Thank you for the recipe. I’ll give it a shot. I put probably five time that amount of kale in my smoothie which might account for the ugly color. This morning I made one with pineapple, peaches, almond milk and a huge handful of spinach. It was pretty good.



My pleasure. Yours sounds like a nice combo, too!



That Italian black kale is great for kale chips too


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Ok I will offer up the only recipe I have ever invented out of (mostly) whole cloth:

0.5 Preheat oven to 350.

1.0 Cook all the rice. A bag, a box, whatever your scene is. This might work for leftover rice, maybe.

2.0 Beat or even whisk a couple of eggs, maybe three if you need it. Salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like go here.

3.0 Mix with the rice in a big bowl.

3.1 Also here go the add-ins. My first time was with chopped broccoli, canned peas work too. But anything that will heat/cook in 15 minutes is fine. So precook that bacon or sausage if you go that route.

4.0 Grease all the muffin tins and fill them up with the mixture. Packing is fine but not necessary, so let the kids help. Bake for 10 minutes, then pull out the tins. Switch to the broiler, top the rice with grated cheese and pop it back in for <5 minutes (just watch until it’s melted and maybe a bit crispy on top).

Let this cool ever so slightly and pluck the pucks right out. These reheat fine but the egg flavor is more custardy when eaten fresh. Works as a side dish that night or throw some into a baggie for lunch tomorrow.

The frozen dinner I adapted here used egg whites, so it can be a way to use up any separated egg parts you have stashed in the fridge. Think of it as a glue. A tasty, tasty glue.

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Here’s one I like - Asian Chicken Salad with Carrot Ginger Sauce. The variety of ingredients, with their different textures, keep it interesting.

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