Shake Shack coming to The Westchester

Was at The Westchester today and noticed that Whitman’s has closed but Shake Shack is taking their place. I kind of feel sorry for the other food court places there. I’m sure that Shake Shack will increase the foot traffic (although you can eat at the one in Hartsdale and not have to pay for parking). but presumably it will be more (and formidable) competition.

The Westchester does validate parking if you spend $15 at the food court (aka Savor) Monday-Friday 11-2, but not at dinner or on the weekend. They do have 30 minute free parking near valet if you want to run in and pick something up.

Saw that too- frankly Whitman’s was mediocre, so SS will be an improvement. So far, the “upscale” nature of the food court has been a failure. I doubt it draws much additional foot traffic, and basically just adds $$ to the cost of shopping there. Most of the restaurants (imho) do not justify their high pricing. Really wanted to like the bbq - but meh - I think SS will hurt them the most.

i talked to the girl working at the newly opened Bang (which had no customers when I was there around 3pm, but neither did many of the other places) and she agreed that it would draw customers from the other places. Oh the other hand, SS does co-exist with other fast food places in other malls. Of course, those malls have more foot traffic.

Great news! I still have not tried Shake Shack. I know there is one down Central in Hartsdale, but I haven’t been. Thanks for the update!!

Agreed, Rich. I think years ago they were more crowded with Nathans and Au Bon Pain. I do miss the City Limits Diner that was at the mall.

The more crowded early food court was mostly mall traffic in general was higher. I think the concept of up-scale could become a draw, but first the food has to justify it. SS won’t do enough to bring ppl. in, but it will get more customers (at the sake of the other restaurants). The restaurants on the other side bang(?),little beet are geared more towards healthier eating ,so are safe. The pizza and especially the bbq will take a hit.

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Yes, I’d forgotten what a crowded mall was like!

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