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America’s biggest Halal food festival returns to Fremont

Saturday, June 30, Halal Fest will bring together chefs and vendors who specialize in Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Arab, Mediterranean, African and American cuisines — all selling dishes made according to Islamic dietary guidelines.

Saturday, June 30
Noon to 10:30 p.m., Town Fair Plaza, 39100 State St., Fremont; $7 (children 10 and under free); www.halalfest.com


Thanks for the notice. Any recommendations from people who’ve been before?


I went to the one in SD a few months ago and thought they were good, if pricey and a little fancy, but they did fill you up. Homemade tortillas. I hit the El Tonoyense truck this weekend and their tacos are up to $3 each now, and it takes at least 3-4 to fill me up so that’s $9-$12.

The mini taco chain I’d really like to see imported from San Diego is The Taco Stand. Great fish tacos for $3, pastor on the trompo with pineapple and made to order tortillas. Cheap, fast and casual.


Manresa suffered fire damage again.


That’s exciting. A chef with Manresa and Village Pub pedigree is opening a Filipino restaurant in early 2019 in San Mateo.


This Korean Tasting Menu Is Silicon Valley’s Answer to Lazy Bear

Josh Sens | Photo: Nader Khouri | October 11, 2018

Soondubu and galbi lettuce wraps get a fine-dining spin at Maum in Palo Alto.


some of the best lines I’ve seen in a while:

It being Palo Alto, I’d been bracing for an evening of tech-world peacocking, but there wasn’t much of that to mock. Someone mentioned the company he’d sold. Someone else let slip that she’d gone to Harvard. But it was the most benign of humblebragging.

The meal itself, meanwhile, struck me as invitingly un–Palo Alto, bleeding-edge cuisine in a leafy suburb that, for all its pioneering in the new economy, has long lagged well behind the culinary curve. Maum is a disruption in the local dining scene. Out came a dish called duck dduk-galbi, a play on a grilled meat patty traditionally made with short ribs. In this case, ground duck spiked with ginger and serrano chilies was pressed into a cylinder and grilled around a duck bone, the ends of which protruded. It looked like headwear for Wilma Flintstone, but it was very real and very delicious.

The Ticket: A recommended dinner for two at Maum

Prix fixe per person. . . . . . . $165

Oyster with kimchi ice; squash leaf; corn tartlet; soondae with salted shrimp; umhook with hot mustard; caviar, potato, and biscuit; tomato, cucumber, and kelp; soondubu with alliums and soy; sablefish haemultang; duck dduk-galbi; galbi, ssam, pickle, and jang; oxtail, rice, and broth; strawberry and buttermilk; barley-and-buckwheat ice cream; mignardises

Split beverage pairing. . . . . $140
Total for two. . . . . . $470

322 University Ave. (near Bryant St.), Palo Alto, 650-656-8616


I wish Josh Sens did a review Maum instead of a profile. I get that its bleeding edge cuisine for Palo Alto, but what I’d really want to know is whether its good enough relative to the $165. :stuck_out_tongue: Because there are many good places in the Bay Area to spend $165 …!


Shake Shack is opening its first doors in the Bay Area tomorrow at Stanford Mall.


Getting a little closer. They are hiring. Though the shelves are still bare.

(Brian Bulkowski) #50

I was wondering where the smoke goes, and if there will be a taste change due to less “patina” …


According to KCBS Radio, San Jose’s oldest restaurant, Wing’s Chinese at 131 E. Jackson St., closed last night (Feb. 24) due to ‘leasing issues.’ It had opened there in 1925.


(Brian Bulkowski) #52

While I agree, and saying “really good for Palo Alto” is not my favorite way of reviewing, the price-performance angle is so personal, and prices are crazy everywhere. $165 certainly puts it in a certain echelon and needs to be be judged appropriately. I can easily spend about $80/pp in palo alto without trying too hard, although usually I can keep it closer to $40 / $50 pp. We went to Aster in SF a few weeks ago, were very impressed, and that’s a $75 list, I think after one pairing and tax we were upward of $100/pp, so I would want Maum to be notably better than Aster. Lazy bear is about $200 ( depending on day ), so a place doing $165 should be in the same ballpark as lazy bear.

My GF’s least favorite for price/performance was Bird Dog. I didn’t think it was that bad, she was scandalized by the price performance ratio, and she rarely complains about that.


Precisely. $165 should be wow-wow territory. And I really hate to pay $165 to not even get your own table. I mingle, but prefer to do that eating at a taco truck, not when I am trying to figure out the components of a presumably complex meal.

Palo Altans seem to love Bird Dog. I haven’t been, but probably won’t bother now.