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Just had some delicious pizza from a pop-up in El Cerrito at a bar called Little Hill Lounge. Kind of an old school dive bar, but the bartender makes drinks with home grown and home made ingredients. I loved the strawberry rhubarb whiskey sour!

Anyway, the pop-up is called Pie on the Fly and they do it on Wednesday. They were there for happy hour, so I tried some. It’s kind of a hybrid California/Neapolitan style. It’s puffy and light, but instead of being limp like a true Napolitana style it has a nice crisp undercarriage. The topping selection is kind of limited, but they are all good quality. They had two specials when I was there; one with pesto and pistachios and prosciutto, and a lemon margherita with lemon basil and lemon zest. It sounded good, but I opted for a sausage. It tasted home made with lots of fennel and spices.
Anyway, I live in Albany, so it’s not too far away for me. I will try and get there again sometime. It’s a lonely stretch of San Pablo Ave. and there isn’t too much for a pizza fan anywhere close, between Gioia’s in North Berkeley and Raymond’s in Point Richmond. Check them out if you’re in the area.


Nice tip - the crust looks legit.

and that sounds delicious!

Pie on the Fly has recently expanded service to include a stint at Gilman Brewery in West Berkeley on Monday nights from 4:30 until they run out.

Gilman Brewery is at 912 Gilman Street in Berkeley.
Little Hill is at 10753 San Pablo Ave in El Cerrito. Same hours .


Pizza Leah, Windsor, CA.
Got a half old gray beard (Red sauce, mozzarella, fontina, Italian sausage, Calabrian peppers, hot honey & orange zest) and half cheese. Cooked in a brick oven, the crust is really excellent, light and airy but crackly when you fold it, almost like a fresh baked baguette. The old gray beard is a great combo, with top notch ingredients and they use the honey sparingly so not too sweet, which I’ve found with other places that put honey on pizzas. I think the only thing keeping this from being just a really-good versus great/excellent pizza is the cheese and sauce could have been a bit more flavorful. The chef is a longtime member of the US pizza team. I will definitely go back and try other combinations when I’m in the area.

Two Dog Night Creamery is just a couple doors down from Pizza Leah in Windsor [They have a branch in Sebastopol as well]. Organic local ingredients using Strauss cream. Thai tea and Banana’s Foster Crunch. They say they use real tea, not syrups for the Thai tea and it tased like tea, subtle than other versions I’ve had - daughter got mochi balls on top - these were nothing special. The Bananas Foster was excellent - one free topping so I got coconut - highly recommend this combo.


Got a red bell pepper and spicy Italian sausage to go yesterday. Maybe a little small for $18, but very quick and tasty with pools of melty cheese. The oven looked rickety, but obviously worked well. The crust was bubbly and a little charred. No one else getting pizza while I was there. Felt kinda sorry for the guy out there in the cold wind!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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