[SF] Lenten Fish Fry

One of my favorite traditions from living is Cleveland was the church fish frys during Lent. They were essential to the greater Cleveland culture, made extra memorable with the coming of spring and (hopefully) melting snow. I miss it dearly, and would love to find some quality frys happening in SF or the greater Bay Area.

Anyone have ideas?

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I’d love to find some here in Oregon too.
I think the real problem is a lack of Catholics.
My friends back in KC have all the locations charted, along with menu differences and alcohol choices.


We’ve got lots of Catholics here in the Bay Area, but they’re mostly Latino, so they may have different church fundraiser dinner traditions than Midwestern-US…


Definitely. I was referring to Oregon and probably Washington, as far as #of Catholics.
Of course, KC, where I spent the early years, features Irish, Italians , and Latinos as the 3 major ethnic flavors so Catholics were sorta’

The Bay Area is full of Irish and Italian Catholics.

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I need to import some.

Live vicariously at 8:45:

That there was my very first fish fry! I went to college the next town over before moving to Cleveland. It was glorious.


Just moved to the Bay from the Midwest. Any progress on Lenten Fish Frys? That may be the reason I move back :joy:


Where from in the vast nowhere?
And welcome!
As winter evolves there , you’ll enjoy every day here more.

The fish fry you crave might not happen in California maybe because relatively inexpensive fresh water perch and slightly less inexpensive walleye (sorry for double negative) are not available to fuel a modestly-priced fundraising menu at a church or community hall. Quite a bit of the “poor people’s” groceries we ate in the distant past are now the expensive stuff in the fish market that are occasional “indulgences” instead of regular staples.

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