SF Bay Area Farmers' market good finds

The smaller bag of peas is $12, still a lot of peas but the last batch 2 weeks ago weren’t that great. Some of the pears were busting out of their skins. I just eat them raw.

Where do you live? Do you think you will produce mulberries some day? Where did you buy bush?

I like to make David Lebovitz’ recipe for caponata; I prefer Chinese eggplants and I like to add roasted dry farmed tomatoes, like Tomatero stand.

The corn is excellent, pricey compared to grocery stores, but a million times better.

Bounty from this weekend


Gravensteins in small quantity were at Alemany yesterday. I don’t know the farm name but it is the large fruit forward stall to the left at the corner entrance.


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And another batch of Gravensteins at Walnut Creek this morning - Rose Lane Farms

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More great strawberries from Civic Center today (along with greens from Green Thumb)


Gravensteins are here with Devoto!

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Thank you!

Gravenstein apples in my CSA box! :heart_eyes: They are from John Kolling of Solana Gold Organics.


At Civic Center, some cranberry beans from Yerena. Haven’t decided what to do with them yet — anyone have a favorite dish? Otherwise probably just do a non-soup pasta e fagioli with orecchiette.

Also some great little gems from Green Thumb (really my favorite for greens like these), dry-farmed Early Girls from Two Dog (also my favorite and finally they’re here! but only a few yet and had to travel for them) so made a BLT with a mix of Best Foods and Kewpie with piparra peppers and some of their juice mixed in on sourdough.


I’m buying dry-farmed Early Girls from Dirty Girl (at the Tuesday South Berkeley market) each week. Other vendors also have dry-farmed tomatoes, but Dirty Girl’s are always the best, and worth paying a little extra for.


GoodEggs has Gravenstein apples from Devoto Gardens $2.99/lb


A very small haul this week. The first market of the New Year as most of the markets near us were impacted by the holiday weekends which is both a blessing and a curse, no?

Because of the rain, only a few vendors were there. Mostly fruit and product, not a lot of veg-based farmers so by the late hour we got there, picking were slim, but not so slim that we couldn’t get what we needed.

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Nice! I got mostly the same stuff! What are you going to make with the beets? What will you do with the citrus? I have sooo many tangerines.

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The beet greens and kale will be garlicky greens as a pasta side dish later this week. The beets will be roasted with olive oil & salt and kept for snacks and a hummus bowl lunch.
Mister is going to eat most of the mandarins but if I am lucky I will be able to steal a few to make a Nigella clementine cake. You can use any mandarins for it but I prefer when the skins are tight.
What are your plans?

Shrugs :thinking:

I’m sure the beets will get roasted, but not sure what will happen after that. Maybe a salad.
I’ll probably juice and drink most of the oranges, but I’d love to try jam or “jamalade”. I made jamalade last year and we’ve really enjoyed it.

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I might do that as a chicken breast side.

Like this

Can the beet greens and kale be cooked together, the same way? I think of beet greens like chard, and they seem to cook faster than kale.
Why does it say serve immediately? I hate when recipes say that!

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Yet another reason recipes irritate me too. Assumptive.
This is not the abbreviation of Joy of Cooking. It would nice if you explain “Serve immediately so that the kale retains some crunch.”
Let’s one choose for one’s self.

Yeah! It worked out.

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