[SF Bay Area] Best cheese pizzas?

On a now defunct forum, I had a long running thread, started in 2010, where I asked for suggestions for best cheese pizzas. And then I’d follow up on most of them. Pizza did not have to necessarily be cheese only, sometimes I’d also get a funghi; diavola; quattro cheese; etc. But for the most part, I’d make an attempt to try a simpler pizza on my first visit.

The only new place I’ve tried since 2017 was Doppio Zero in 2022. I’ve tended to go back to places I’ve already been to, since 2017.

For tomorrow (Thursday) specifically, does anyone have a recommendation in Dublin, Livermore, or Pleasanton?

Otherwise, other suggestions in the Bay Area are still welcome, and I’ll try to get to them sometime.

Here’s the places I had liked the best. Some of these are gone now.

Rotten City Pizza
A Slice Of NY
East End Pizza.
Howie’s Artisan Pizza
Dopo (Closed)
BaoNecci (Moved to Texas)
Paisan (Closed, I just found out!!)
Doppio Zero

Blue Line Pizza
Zero Zero (Closed)
Pizzetta 211
A16 Rockridge

Slicers (Closed)
Oliveto’s (Closed)
Mozzeria (Closed, I just found out!!)
The Forge
Cupola (margherita) (Closed)

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Welcome! Here are some places where I’ve enjoyed (mostly cheese) pizzas or slices somewhat recently. I live in San Francisco and all of these are in the city:

Pizza Shop in the Mission - probably the closest to NYC style in the Mission these days since Arinell has shut down? Arinell still has a location in Berkeley if you are in Berkeley.

Angie’s, also in the Mission - I had a very good cheese pizza here. Thin crust and crisper than a Neapolitan.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach has a really good Neapolitan style Margherita.

Outta Sight Pizza in the Tenderloin - I had a good cheese slice here a few weeks ago. NY style.

For a Detroit style cheese slice, I like Square Pie Guys (multiple locations) and Cellarmaker House of Pizza in the Outer Mission.

Also check out the SFBA pizza thread:

Thanks. I hadn’t tried most of those. Yes, I do like Tony’s.

I also tried a Detroit Style from Tony’s back in 2012, haven’t tried it since. Maybe I’ll try Square Pie Guys for that.

What does it mean Square Pie Guys at Local Kitchens? Does it mean they made a deal with Local Kitchens to make their pizza there?

EDIT: It won’t let me post a link because I’m new. I was going to post a link to the locations listed at Square Pie Guys.

BTW I’m fine with any style. Neopolitan; thin; deep dish; something in between. As long as the toppings taste good and the crust tastes good.

Little Star has a couple of locations. They have Chicago deep dish style (with a cornmeal crust). I just brought back a half-baked cheese after a recent trip down to the east bay.

They’re still excellent. A GENEROUS helping of cheese, even on the basic model. A nice, chunky herb-y sauce. And a great crunchy crust.

They also apparently do a Detroit style as well as standard thin crust.

Two top contenders for best cheese pizza

  1. The Four Cheese at Gialina

  2. The Cheese (fancy name, eh?) at Golden Boy.

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Zak’s on College Ave. in Oakland was our go-to, did they have others in the EB?

There’s one at the top of Solano. I prefer Little Star, at the bottom.

Thanks everyone. Does anyone have any suggestions that are in Dublin; Pleasanton; or Livermore?

Trying to find someplace there tonight.

Preferably some place other than Paxti’s, since I want to try a new place. I like Paxti’s though.

Zachary’s in Pleasonton.

Thanks. I’ve been to them before, although it has been years now. Good suggestion for today.

I had them in my list in my original post of places I liked.

@RuthLafler , @ChowFun-derek , @acgold7, @Civil-Bear, as you were helpful to me on an old forum, in the past.

Yes, very good. Though its on the pricey side, especially with the wait that was involved sometimes.

I had heard about Golden Boy in the past. I see they also have a San Mateo location.

Since the large lets me get two flavors, I might get a 1/2 Cheese; 1/2 clam & garlic. I’ve never had a clam & garlic pizza before.

Not counting the Geary from Zero Zero, since the Geary looks different.

I’ve waited an hour a few different times, but yes, it’s worth it.

Years ago I had a meal at Howie’s. The only thing I remember about their pies was that they were so, so salty. I never returned.

Around there, I like the magherita at Napoletana Pizzeria. Still like them more than Doppio Zero and Terun.

Don’t forget about Centro.

I think I’ve only been to Howie’s Artisan Pizza 2x, once in the 2000s, once more in 2014 or earlier.

I think I got the buffalo mozzarella both times.

I did not know about Napoletana. Thanks. Normally when I’m in that area, I go to Blue Line. This looks like another close option.

Interesting that they have a few no sauce pizza options. More than I’ve seen elsewhere.

Centro looks like they have some interesting options too, with the Tartufo and Pistachio.