September 2018, Boston and surrounding areas, openings + closings!!!

Remembered to do this by the third this month–my performance is improving! Perhaps someday I’ll get this up on the first. But don’t hold your breath.

Cool openings go here. So do heartbreaking closures, such as today being the last day that my favorite Boston area pizzeria Bianchi’s in Revere will be open at their classic beachside location.

I am bereft.


Bianchi’s will reopen nearby.

yes, hopefully, though that does not sound at all like a done deal as yet. And if you can’t carry your pizza over to the tables under the gazebo, it won’t be quite the same!

Sorry if this was already posted on one of these but just read on Eater - and a “soon to open” but seemed appropriate here . .

Anyone been to any of their other locations? Its a strange location here in Waltham (just off the locals track), I don’t get to that stretch very often and always forget those restaurants are there . . . .

WALTHAM The Local Kitchen & Drinks will expand to Waltham this fall, per a rep from the Wellesley Restaurant Group. It will open in the former Bonefish Grill space at 99 3rd Ave. The first location opened in West Newton in 2008, and there are others in Wayland, Wellesley, and Woburn.

The website almost makes it look like it is already open . . . . hmmmm

Edit: I must have somehow gotten into the website via a glitch, the Waltham location is no longer on my pick list on their site, so clearly not open yet. But in looking at the site, I’ve been to their West Newton location for brunch once (couple years ago now). I think it was good . . . not sure why we never went back except I think parking was a struggle when we went.

I have been to the Woburn/Winchester location of The Local a couple of times and it shows up on the Usual Suspects thread once or twice. I like it fine but for some reason it hasn’t made my rotation – it is just a bit too gloomy in there or something. But I wouldn’t object if anyone suggested it.

Just looked on their menu - seems to be one of these placed without really an identity and covering many different cuisines and influences. I am always very suspivioud how good a kitchen team can cover all these cuisines even reasonably well and try tonavoid those places

yeah, the menu reads a lot like the quite corporate not interesting at all Copper House “Tavern” in Waltham, where people at my husband’s pharma/biotech end up all too often. I stay home in Somerville with the special needs adopted kid. Waltham has some much more interesting restaurants but the corporate crowd is too scared to go to those.

More Waltham news … sounds like a new place is going into Rafaella’s (Across from Moody’s essentially) though the concept is yet to be announced. Same folks from Juniper and Seeet Basil (neither of which I’ve been to).

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according to Eater Boston, Hot Box–the North Shore/South Shore roast beef sandwich/bar pizza thing is now open limited hours at Bow Market. And, the Eater post says to check their social media for scheduling announcements.

But does their social media say anything about what those hours might be? It does not. Does their website have a phone number you can call to find out when they’ll be there? Nope.

this seems to be a pattern for several of the openings at the Bow Market. The lack of reliable information is not reassuring, to me.

yep. Boston magazine ran a small item about Tanam today and it was all about how the Filipino popup had a “forthcoming permanent location” at Bow Market. The piece had exactly zero tangible info about when they are actually going to be open. It does have a link to Tanam’s website, though! If you follow the Instagram link from their site, they haven’t posted since March 18th. The Facebook link yields " Sorry, this content isn’t available right now" and at the Twitter one you get “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”. Not promising.

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First Oishii Chestnut Hill, now Brasserie JO is closing next month. Tough stretch for the old guard. I never had a bad meal at Brasserie JO and still the best coq au vin in town. I will be sad to see it go.

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It was our go to when seeing theater at the Huntington, though the last time there, my entree wasn’t great (forgot exactly what it was now). It will be sad to see it go, but as it’s a hotel restaurant, I’m sure something else will take it’s place.

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Wow, I’ll say!!

pho mai on kneeland street in chinatown has closed

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saigon corner on billings road in quincy is closed until 9/27

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oops. that should be “pho mai on beach street in chinatown”

So we have a strange attraction to the dive bar The Intermission Tavern on Tremont st in the theater district. They had strong drinks, a decent burger, and a beautiful original Alberto Vargas painting behind the bar. We went Thursday night to see the Matty in the Morning live show at the Wilbur, and decided to stop in before for dinner. Found out that about 3 weeks ago, the Intermission closed, and it’s now called The Fourth Wall. We had some very meaty (if not very spicy) Buffalo wings, and some solid steak frites with shishito peppers. Drinks were strong, if a bit more $ than at the old place. It was fine, but it just didn’t have the same divey feel, and I really miss that Vargas painting!

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So I’m going through my Facebook feed, and come across this new article on dirty old Boston.

godavari mini in union square somerville is “closed for renovations”