September 2018, Boston and surrounding areas, openings + closings!!!


Yep, since May:


Hallelujah - the former Capri pizza joint at the intersection of Mass and Park Aves in Arlington has finally been taken over by someone. The signs for Yassou (presumably Greek-owned) just went up this week. That empty space made me sad every time I saw it (nearly every day for the past year).


A gyro spot?? Be still my heart…


i’ve been by there a few times since then, and there is never anyone doing work on the place. i’m thinking maybe they’re never going to re-open.


boom crispy chicken is opening in the old little kitchen location on kneeland street in chinatown


#1 Noodle House in Newton Center has closed (sigh), and it will be another Thai place, of which Newton Center already has two. Not really happy about this development, as I really enjoyed the food at #1 Noodle House, especially their MaPo Tofu. Bummer.


Not right in Newton Center, but isn’t there one of those “Dumpling House/Kingdom/Galaxy” offshoot on Walnut Street? I’m sure they’ll have a serviceable mapo tofu, if not completely authentic.


The Cambridge location of Dumpling Daughter is now open with a somewhat different menu than the original Weston location.


I had to meet up with someone at the Broad Institute earlier this week and Dumpling Daughter was jam packed at lunch time.

Kendall is insane.


Yes, in Four Corners (Walnut & Beacon). Only been there once, but it was pretty good. Also, Jean and Lee’s is not that far away.


i’m hearing that Shangri La in Belmont has reopened.


Drove past shangrila today, open!!! Yeah!!


And next to it Vester has also opened (both restaurants are owned by sisters)


Have you tried either place yet?


Not yet - during lunch the lines were too long and last Friday when I had to work late and planned to pick something up from DD they were closed for a private event


Looking forward to a report when you make it!


Tried Dumpling Daughter in Kendall last week. There were ten people ahead of me when I joined the line around 11:20. By the time I got to the counter the line reached Vester’s door and kept growing. Since it was a nice day I got dan dan mien to go instead of eating with the mob. After tax and tip you’re talking an $11 lunch but I gather that’s about in line with Kendall prices. It was tasty enough though I’d have preferred more, or maybe any, huājiāo. On the plus side they had Chinkiang vinegar and roasted chili sauce available as condiments.

Late afternoon into early dinner they’re less crowded so I went back with friendsand tried more of the menu. Instead of detailing that here I’m thinking we could use a Dumpling Daughter Kendall thread, just wondering if that should be combined with Vester or separate.

Given the limited Kendall options I can see why they’re so popular. I expect to mostly go there for late afternoon savory snacks since they have several compatible menu options.


Update, it will NOT be a new Thai place, rather it will be Vietnamese. Better than a third Thai place, but I’ll miss the #1 Noodle House. We’ll have to check Jumbo Seafood for Chinese, the only other Chinese place in the Center.