Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2022 Openings and Closings [Boston, New England]

As @splendidspatula suggests, Dumpling House (with which you are familiar). I also offer 5 Spice in Central Square, and MDM Noodles in Brighton as worthy competition.

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Yes, we love Dumpling House but for some reason we mostly do dine-in there. Also, our Christmas Eve meal involves a lot of vegetarians, and our favorite dumplings and lamb dishes there are all meat-focused. I think we’ve had some misses with vegetables and not good flexibility with asking for tofu dishes meat-free. But thank you for putting it back on the radar for take out.

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If you do go there please order the sweet potato with hot toffee (G3 on the online menu) and report back.

5 spices has a very good scallion fried rice, and an equally good string bean dish with bamboo shoots. They also have an intriguing cauliflower dry pot, but I haven’t had it.

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I did not see it mentioned in any of the closing threads on HO, but Devra First’s article about new Boston restaurants in today’s Globe mentioned that S & I Thai in Allston has closed. How sad. It was our once monthly go to Thai food for many of the 27 years I lived in Brighton. My favorite Thai place by far.



But there will be greatness in our future, I just know it.


Oh no! The best Thai in Boston for so many years. I’ve been using Sugar and Spice in Porter Square, which is fine but not up to S&I in its prime. Others that folks like?

Now that I’m in Newton Centre, we go to Coconut Newton which is fine, but no S & I. I’ve been told the specials board at Thai North in Brighton are very good, but when I lived in Brighton we pretty much only went to S & I.

I used to live up the hill from Thai North and the specials were good but not S&I good.

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Cha Yen in Watertown is fantastic, and presumably sister restuaurant Kala Thai in Boston is too. Of the Newton places, I like Le Deu in Newtonville the best. I haven’t been to Dok Bua in Brookline in ages, but it used to be great back in the day.


We like Dakzen in Davis Square, Cha Yen in Watertown & Boon Noon in Arlington.

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Has anyone else tried BoonNoon Market in Arlington, included in Devra First’s 2022 awards review in the Globe? Dishes cooked to order and also a Thai market. Sounds really interesting. Parsnipity, what’s the market like? I am always looking for fresh lime leaves and can’t find them since Russos closed. He’s also the chef at Dakzen, which we very much enjoyed for take out during the height of the pandemic. Must get back.

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There was this review by @MC-Slim-JB.

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and I wrote about it here Boon Noon Market [Capitol Square, Arlington MA]
The market is small- it’s really just a shelf or two. I can’t remember if there were any fresh lime leaves.


I can see that I liked your review back in 2021 but somehow spaced on reading it and on BoonNoon! Thanks for the link to remind me. And thanks to GretchenS, too. We’ll try it soon.

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WholeFoods on Alewife and River St tended to gave lime leaves

Yes, used to, sometimes. Pre pandemic. I will have to try Alewife again. We go to River St frequently and never there in last few years.

Thanks for reminding me! I hope you and family are doing well in California.

9zaab east cambridge

Crying Thaiger in Malden

replying on my query, off topic, about sources for frozen Makrut lime leaves in Greater Boston. I went to Christina’s Spices on Cambridge St. in Cambridge today, for the first time in a long time, and they were available there. I was thrilled.


I missed this the first time, but the few places that reliably stock lime leaves are the Cambodian markets in Revere. They will help with a few harder to find Thai ingredients too. If there are newer stores that cater to that region and cuisines, anyone else please chime in!

I’ve occasionally run into them in the larger Chinese markets like Kam Man or 99 Ranch, or the Vietnamese market but it’s inconsistent, and the quality has ranged from decent to on-its-last-legs.