Sedona Taphouse in Mamaroneck NY

Aargh- another chain- beer joint, actually nothing against it but I still had hoped (but knew it wasn’t going to happen) that SS would take that exact location and open a SS to rival the one in Westport. Location is right on U.S.1 (Post Road) decent parking lot,not too far from 95- just like Westport. The Westport SS is always crowded with families and students- a natural hangout- something sadly lacking in lower Westchester unless I missed someplace(?)

Ah, saw this ‘over there’. So it’s a chain.

Isn’t that the kiss of death location where Applebee’s was? Or whatever was the name of the place with peanuts on the floor?

I’m with you, rich. SS better merit the angst of driving there and parking and getting OUT of the parking lot - I do NOT like the modern parking garages. I told you I’m old, right? :grinning:

Aw, heck, I’ve been kvetching since I was 7. Remind me to tell you about having to learn the Our Father in Latin because I back-talked a priest. I’m SO proud of that one.:smiling_imp:

That was Applebees,but if they get good access to the back lot, it really is not a bad location. It could be a destination if the place is good enough. My own feeling is that a place that depends on a large variety of beers may/will work for awhile but at some point it will “fall out” of fashion and not be viable long-term. I do think that Westchester could use a more family oriented (not necessarily geared towards kids) gathering place/ hangout.

Charlie Brown’s? And before that, a favorite of mine, jonathan Seagull?

Wow, Jonathan Seagull. And Fenimore Cooper.

I don’t remember if they were good, but I remember going there.

Well, now that you told me the name, I do.

Do you remember the Washington Arms? Whenever my grandparents would come up from the city (when I was very young),that was the place we would all go- even had to put on a jacket (and tie?)- boy did I hate that. Or else Tung hoy (for my very exotic egg foo young). Jonathon Seagull and Charlie Brown’s were both a different location from Appplebee’s- they were right next to Brewer’s hardware . Just gotta love a place that serves all you can eat salad and all you can sneeze on while it sits in the bins . YUM.

Ha, yes in those days they didn’t have the laws they have now. My ex in-laws liked the Washington Arms and we went there a few times.

HAH! Remember salad bars before the sneeze guards? And we made it to this age. Imagine that.

Remind me where Washington Arms was, rich. Yes, I went there, but as I’ve said so many times, I’m old.

But I do remember the steak tartare in Bronxville, but have forgotten the name of the restaurant. And we lived to be this old after eating raw meat.

I remember Traveler’s Rest, and I don’t think I ever liked it.

But most of all, I remember Manero’s in Greenwich, because my father liked a bargain, and you got a meal and salad with blue cheese crumbles and garlic bread for…well, it must have been cheap, because my old man was cheap. PLUS, old man Manero was a golfer and my old man was a golfer.

One time, we were in Juliano’s in New Rochelle, before they became catering only, and we had a gift certificate for a meal, and the old man didn’t like the prices, so he ordered the wine and they brought the bread, and then he decided he didn’t want to eat there. And he told the waiter he was okay with just the wine and bread. So first my brother stormed out and then my mother and I stormed out, and there sat the old cheapskate with my hubby, and the old man said to my hubby: what’s wrong with them? Eventually, hubby and I used the certificate.

So now you all know why I kvetch. And yes, hubby is a saint. Sorry, I talk too much and should take this to my blog, which I don’t have.

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Way back in time, the Sedona space was occupied by The Ground Round, which prevailed for a few years on mediocre hamburger steaks at cheap prices.

It’s not a location problem, but the franchises that set up shop – more interested in marketing and formula than a local, freshly conceived and cooked menu, with decent family price points.

There was also a Manero’s on Central Ave in Scarsdale in the 60’s or 70’s. Don’t know if it was related to the one in Greenwich.

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Was there? I wonder if they did franchises back then?

They still have a meat shop in Greenwich (Greenwich Prime Meats), and last I heard, still make the hamburger sub with fried onions.

P.S. Good to see you here, Foodygrandma.

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I think there was also one on the Island.

Yes, I forgot to say welcome, Foodygrandma!!!

Just googled Manero Scarsdale. Not related to the one in Greenwich, but it was good. Always very crowded on Saturday night. Ah, the good old days! Thanks for the info on Greenwich Prime Meats. And it’s a pleasure to see the posts from the CH veterans.

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You’re welcome, Foodygrandma.

Isn’t it nice that we have a new home?

Yes, and I’m glad that CT is part of this blog. We are much closer to southern CT than Long Island or upstate NY.

That made me crazy on CH when they redid the boards and took CT away but we still had all that Long Island stuff. Oh, and Albany!

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It was related,but I think a bit of a scam- they put up a fancy (expensive) building and then the restaurant opened and then closed - very quickly

Washington Arms was across (diagonally) from city hall on the bpr. The building is still there. I think it is/was used as a vets office or as a pre-school (?)- or both at different times. Its just above Orienta ave.

steak tartare is one of the things I want to try at the National
and (I just looked) - it comes with ( TA-DAH)-

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