Sedona Taphouse in Mamaroneck NY

Re W/A: I have to pass by, I can’t recall it by looking at it online.

Hah - a good steak tartare with a good garlic bread? Add a drink, and that’s reason enough to visit this place. BTW, I loved Rattlesnake Jack’s in Harrison.

I’ll have to try rattlesnake but there is also a taco joint in harrison- not so much a restaurant but a counter to sit at and eat.Pretty decent tacos,not as cheap or as good as teca’s tacos- the truck in NR,but the truck is closed for the season (probably be back in a few weeks)

The shop is not run by Nick or any of the Manero family, but originally opened by two of their butchers who once worked in the meat market attached to the restaurant.

The meats are so so, but youu can still get the Gorgonzola salad and the Garlic Bread.

But if nostalgia is not what you’re buying, Greenwich Prime is a “cut” below Fleischer’s Craft in Cos Cob and Saugatuck.

Hah. Good to know, thanks.

Phew, I’m back. I was getting a 500 OK error, and thought it was something I said! :smile:

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