Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker--Who Woulda Thunk It?

For the seafaring (or riverine) foodie who has everything…

Yes, that’s right, when making way, why not also make…ice cream? The Sea Maid is an invention of a friend of mine who makes and repairs gigantic marine propellers. Load the smaller inner container with cream, sugar and flavorings, and then fill the football surrounding it with ice and rocksalt, and over the side she goes. Towed and spinning behind for 20-25 minutes, you reel in up to 12 ounces of fresh ice cream. Hell, Yeah! Your kids will love you and your friends will hate you (because now they have to buy a boat and a Sea Maid just to shut up their kids).

Out to experiment with pina coladas now. Avast!


Lol we did something similar with a coffee can in the Boy Scouts.

Your troop had a yacht?

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No but we had a sugar rush, so we rolled the can back and forth to each other across the floor. I only vaguely remember it, but after reading the product description I recalled it.

I hope you still have the merit badge.

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Fabulous, thank you … I’m sending the link to my boat owning friends … Can’t wait to open my inbox in the morning … I’m laughing out loud already

Reminds me of the ball version

This would have been a funny novelty gift if it made more than “a little less than a pint” and the boat could go more than 7 knots. Seems like it is more appropriate for 2 people in a canoe.

Here in Seattle, I could see people using that out on the Sound or Lake Washington. Totally a novelty and not big enough, but fun for the kids. Speaking of kids, could land-lubbers just tie it to their toddlers while they run around in circles?

Kind of cool . Maybe can second as a drink mixer . Tow behind martinis anyone .

LOL, the inventor’s dad was “the” guru of H1-Class racing hydroplane propellers, so I can ask him: How fast do you want to go making ice cream? Is 200 mph fast enough?

I was thinking the other way: tie a baitfish on the back and troll for a’u (marlin) with it. We could call the dish “Baked Hawai’i”.


Maybe 150. Lol

The size is a bigger limiting factor for me. If we are out boating there are rarely fewer than 6 on the boat - and up to 12 sometimes. Less than a pint won’t cut it.

But the nieces and nephews would love throwing it overboard on the way to a picnic spot. We’d just have to motor really slowly on the way there (which they’d hate).

A larger size but that speed could work for pontoon boaters though.

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Tie it under the seats of a swing set, or teeter-totter, though your kid might have to spend the entire day using the equipment…

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I bet half an hour on the swing set would do it!