Scraps plus magic wand

I regularly buy the Costco “twisty chicken”, and lately the soup/stock has taken primacy over immediately eating the bird.

Do you have any hacks for your soup? My latest one is to stop short of picking the carcass completely clean, then chopping and roasting it before adding it to the moistened mirrepoix.

Over the holidays, there was a meal where we did not know how many guests we’d be serving, so I picked up two Costco rotisserie birds. We didn’t touch #2, so that bird was chopped and roasted along with the bones of #1. The stock ended up being especially rich. When you consider that a (bad, salty) quart of commercial chicken stock costs about as much as did #2, doubling the poultry isn’t even that big of a splurge.

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That pizza came with some serious parm. Great ideas and execution, though. Both look great.

When I was wee, my folks used to go out to eat and bowling Friday nights. The best leftovers needed no help. I got so used to cold ribs, ribeye, etc. that I’ve grown to love these things unheated after being cooked once. I’m making a big rack o ribs tonight, just so my new year starts with cold ribs breakfast.

beats cold turkey.

i love cold ribs too. so convenient ! u smoking em ?

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Lamb bones are my gold. Well made stock is precious stuff.


In the smoker right now. Apple wood.

Cold turkey is okay on a sandwich. Anymore, I cook parts of the turkey separately. Can’t take dry breast. I just won’t tolerate it!

Prime rib cold is way good.

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friend of mine sousvides the turkey breast and it has changed my outlook on that. still. no comparison to smoked ribs or cold prime rib !

the john lennon song speaks for itself.

happy new year !

Turkey breast is made for sous vide. Really brings the best out of that breast meat.

Ribs and prime are tied for the championship of doggie bag meals. Never had a hot prime rib until I was much older. I still prefer the cold.

“War is over”, in my dreams.

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those are bones i just want to turn to ivory myself. not for stock.

enjoy your bbq ribs !

Gracias. Happy new year to you. Hopefully more hope than last year… and the year before.


left over pb and j lunch = stuffed french toast breakfast


Leftover mashed potato cakes with canned salmon and scallions. Served for breakfast with horseradish sauce and a fried egg.

Makes 6 cakes using a 1/4-c. scoop:

1 6-oz. can sockeye salmon, drained
1 egg
2 scallions, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
Cayenne pepper
Red pepper flakes
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
½ T. AP flour
1 c. leftover mashed potatoes


Oh yum, that looks delicious!

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Love it! Great idea.

Love Chien’s french toast, too. Great ideas. I live for frugality.

I bet. Great way to cook a potential piece of wood. When a kid gives me a wild turkey, I breast it out, sear, then roast., just like I would a pork loin. Love that, too.

I’ve had that book for decades - since I went to college - and it still makes me laugh. I love it.