Scallop slicing prep?

I once saw a preparation of scallops where they were thinly sliced and seared in a hot pan but haven’t been able to find any more about the method.
Has anyone else seen this?

Never seen this specifically, and I’m mildly intrigued. Depending on the size of the scallops, getting that right balance between good seared ends and just cooked interiors to avoid gummy scallops requires a lot of minding while cooking. A thinly slices scallop might help, but also seems prone to overcooking. Maybe thin slices will nullify a rubbery texture.

The closest I’ve seen is that in less than quality Chinese restaurants, I’ve seen scallops halved to look like more scallops when it’s combined in a stir fry with other ingredients.

Agree about easily over-cooked.

I think if you want to sear thinly sliced scallops (and also enjoy eating them) you should only cook one side very briefly.

No. I never have. Must say it sounds like a bad idea. as stated already, scallops over cook very easily and making them thinner would only compound the problem.

Thanks all for good opinions. Maybe I saw it in a bad dream😁

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I’ve only seen sea scallops sliced horizontally in Japanese and Chinese preps.

I think you have to choose between whether you want a good sear or not, and whether you like your scallops rare/medium rare or not.

You could also arrange slices on a plate and lightly torch them.


an number of sliced/cooked recipes show up - most of the ‘sliced scallop’ dishes are raw.

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What’s the dish you have in mind?

Personally, I would not let thinly sliced scallop touch a heat source. But some cooks can turn that into something delicious, like tacos I had in Baja Sur.

I like a big, fat, dry scallop cooked on a hot griddle with a dot of butter, a dot of miso, and a squeeze of lime. Mmmmm. No knife needed.