Savory strata/bread puddings

Choose according to the shape of your ingredients - if you have sliced bread, meat, cheese, you can do it as a strata. I diced chunks from the small end of a ham, cubed cheese, and cubed whole wheat bread from a large boule. Diced apple, sliced butternut squash, pre-cooked onion. The custard included applesauce and whole-grain mustard. Sliced Swiss atop the casserole before baking because, hello, bubbly, golden-brown cheese! It’s darn good on a frigid day.

I’ve done ham, swiss, rye strata with a custard of egg, evap milk, and split pea soup. In
summer, toast with cheddar, and a can of condensed tomato soup in the custard.

This type of meal is an alternative to mac&cheese for when you want to use up odds and ends of bread and cheese that have seen better days.

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This type of thing is what I frequently serve for breakfast when the family comes in, especially to ski. Make it up the night before. Send them off with full, warm bellies. The standard meat I use if bulk sausage cooked up first of course.

I don’t make many bread puddings of any kind, and don’t make many Mark Bittman recipes, but… I do make his Savory Bread Pudding from time to time.

Sometimes it’s just the basic pudding, but most times I cook a pudding that tastes more like stuffing. For that chopped celery, onions, carrots, and herbs such as sage and thyme are added.

Also, I may include other chopped vegetables with the basic recipe as the Spirit moves me. Always delicious.

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