SAVORY EGG DISHES - Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Dish of the Quarter

I make a cheater’s soufflé too! Made in a skillet,it starts on the stove and then moves to the oven. I made one a week or two ago. I wanted to make it with blue cheese, but the cheese I thought I had bought wasn’t in the fridge, so I pivoted to cheddar and chives. It didn’t rise as much as usual (maybe the cheese was too heavy??), and so the picture isn’t impressive, but it tasted good.


I love this dish - yours looks great!. It’s a real go-to when there’s not much on hand but eggs, cheese and some green stuff…


I missed the editing window, so here is an amended recipe writeup, with everything as it should be.


Totally agree. And it feels a little special.

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I should add nachos to the list of things to do with pickled peppers. They are perfect for the NYT iteration which I’ll be making next week (following is a gift link):


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