Saveur Magazine

It’s baaaaack! In my email today

Thanks for posting this. I got it in today’s email too. I loved the original Saveur but I have no confidence that this will be anything like it. And at $25 an issue even at twice a year? I think I may wait to see how it all turns out.

If you can read elementary French, you would enjoy SAVEURS MAGAZINE, totally separate from but similar intellectual level as our SAVEUR. I have found that if you are familiar with a subject, in this instance cooking, it is fairly easy to understand/learn a foreign language.


Oui! ( I’m wanting to say "yes; thank you!)

Welp, I just learned a new term. “Le Batchcooking”. Thank you, Saveurs. I had to Google it.


For anyone interested in subscribing to SAVEURS, there is a sale on now. I subscribe through FNAC and find it seamless. I also heartily endorseCuisine et Vins de France.

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I am in 100% agreement with you. The only fun part was making fun of the remaining issues, the friend who kept my Saveur subscription up for my birthday and I did that a lot. I think JG wanted to be Martha Stewart.
I personally wanted to be Queen Elizabeth II. /s

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I am now checking out the current mags on “Libby”, the library app!