Saveur Magazine

Another one bites the dust - well still here but who knows. So many of these mags are not what they used to be - like Bon Appetit.


Many mags have long run out of ideas. You can re-make the same dishes and ingredients so many times. What they have been doing is too much styling, too much contrast in photo post processing, and fancy photography. That too will end soon.

I enjoy reading food mags from Australia and some from S. Africa. You can get pdf/e-book versions of most international publications.

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I so agree about BA. I recently had to get rid of some from 1992 - just no room anymore. They were truly beautiful. The photography, even the paper. It was a much different mag back then. I still get it and will not be renewing. I have seen some of,the Australian mags and I agree with that too!

This is a huge bummer. Saveur was one of the only food magazines left worth reading anymore - in fact, I’m in the middle of the most recent issue right now. Their recipes have never been reliable but the writing and photography have always been great. They have a real knack for writing about food travel without turning it into an advertisement for hotels and restaurants. This month’s articles on sherry in Jerez, bbq in Chicago and cheese in Crete were all informative and unique, with a human interest element that other food magazines ignore completely.


I used to work in the same building as Saveur’s offices. They were one floor up from me so I often got to talk with, ask questions of and grill the authors, editors & chefs. All while riding up in the elevator.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold