"Save Your Vegetable Scraps, Make Stock"....from everyone's favorite! Serious Eats!

Just kidding @Auspicious



My ad blocker shows 23 ads on that page. Out of character for SE, in my experience, is not a single product placement in the article. I did not drill down to the linked articles.

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That’s a lot of words for what is a pretty easy process. I always save scraps from onions, carrots, celery and mushrooms in a gallon ziplock. Once the bag is full, I simmer everything under water for a half hour and strain through a china cap. I don’t know why SE makes it seem so complicated. Or why the article suggests saving tomato or ginger or garlic scraps, because no. If I want a dish to taste like one of those things, I’ll add it later.

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Greetings @small_h@ !

I don’t disagree, but I was thinking " a lot of words" was one reason the "interwebs " existed.

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That’s where you’re wrong, my friend.


I’m not sure I understand, but I’m not hitting that!

It’s (relatively) safe. Avenue Q is kind of like an R-rated Sesame Street. Educational!

JK. I know. My daughter is a theater person…After maybe three months , she just returned to “our” outer boroughs home town in NYC . … .I watched.

You are spot on correct. Porn has driven a lot of innovation on the Internet. Like your Netflix? Porn developed streaming video. Like GMail? Porn drove the development of Javascript and other client-side processing. Use Amazon? Porn drove the online sale of goods and services. Lots of new things came out of the Internet porn industry. Heck, Usenet was a quiet way for techy geeky people to collaborate until porn drove the alt.sex hierarchy. Like HO? The roots of forums lie in porn. You can say those things would have happened, eventually, without porn. We don’t really know and that isn’t how it happened.

So maybe I’m wrong, and maybe porn is why the internet exists, but it’s not why I hit it, and that might be true for others as well.

I’m sure I’ve shared this a million times, but I started out learning to build computers on compuserve , before gui. Granted that does not make it why it exists, nor why HO exists.

I am here for Serious Eats! (Jk)


I started with dial-in to ARPANet and the DARPANet at David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center. I can probably reconstruct my old Compuserve number (31557,407 I think). I remember when WWW and Internet were not synonyms. I also remember Usenet groups for developers where the porn developers were way ahead of everyone else. That was where the big money was. Us little DoD contractors and government employees had to keep up!

Even then about the porn? Without pictures? I can remember playing a game on an apple iic with no pictures, and it was still pretty compelling. I THINK it was Mist. And then of course, there was Myst.

ETA it was Zork!

Thanks all for this edification, about the porn industry being the trailblazers of the internet. I had no freaking idea. Most truly.

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And also, save your vegetable scraps for stock!


Always do! And, food for thought: do you suppose EBay was modeled after a drug dealer www sort of set up?.. :joy_cat:

i doubt it, but let’s keep this thread going!:grinning:

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Agree, and it sounds so innocuous, judging by the title!


I’m all in, but I suspect there are more important things to keep going… Like sourdough starter! :grimacing:

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I remember character-based pictures on a model 33 teletype. Black market in paper tape.

Now about veg stock - I make it from more or less fresh bits within a few days of big cooks. How big an impact is freezing trimmings, really?

I’ll have to reread the article and see! :thinking:

But seriously, I can’t imagine much impact with veg stock, but I don’t recall ever making veg stock. For me, it’s almost always poultry, occassionally seafood for gumbo or Jambalaya. So the question becomes am I going to buy carrots tops , or celery leaves, or a leek, or parsley stems? Maybe I have some in the freezer! Along with the shrimp shells, chicken wi g tips and crab swimmer thingies.

Now I’ll freeze some herbs,maybe green onion, BEFORE they get black and slimy in the crisper.