Save tea and time with a string

I sometimes forget to get my tea when timer signal so when I go to get it the tea is to strong and I have to make new tea.
I was planning to buy a timer that lift the tea from the water but I got an idea that works.

First I boil the water.

Then I use my digital microwave oven, that have a rotating plate.
I set my micro to the lowest micro effect and put my high teacup or a high teapot,
with water up to half its height.
I put the cup or teapot on the edge of the rotating plate.
Then I add a string to the teabag/teaholder and use a suction cup on the opposite wall and attache the string so that the teabag/teaholder is hanging over the water.

Se picture.
Photo of tea timer setup

Then I set the micro timer so that it run and stop at the same position.

When the micro now rotate the cup the teabag/teaholder will go up and down in the cup/teapot.

It work brilliant for me.

If you also forget your tea timer and have to throw away to strong tea and make new then try this.
It take some time to adjust the micro timer to get the right time so that it get its required time and then stop at the position where the teabag is over the water but when you have that time it is a great way to save tea and time. :grin:

What do you think?

Did you try it?


Put the strong tea in the refrigerator and use it as iced tea concentrate.

I have not thought about that… :slight_smile:

But with my method I can relax,
because I can go and get my tea when I have time
and it is always perfect brewed.

After maybe 30 minuts maybe need to be heated again but the tea is always perfect. :slight_smile:


I use a little basket-shaped thing for the tea leaves, so this wouldn’t work for me. Also not recommending it to that one friend with the steel teapot. :slight_smile:

But I admit it’s a clever trick.

Though having to get this thing set up just right every morning, before drinking any tea, might make me consider just setting a timer and coming back. :slight_smile:

BTW you sound like you could use a tea cozy.

Welcome to HO! Innovative way!

I like tea a lot, but I can’t test it as I use mainly loose leaves and rarely teabags. I own a microwave, but it doesn’t have a rotating plate.

I once attended a tea tasting session, hot water poured into a teapot with a big portion of loose tea leaves, 30 seconds was the time to make several small tea cups. If you don’t like waiting, this method may suits you.

If tea is too strongly brewed, just dilute it with water.

That style (many leaves, little water, very short time) usually includes boiling water more than once, making more tea several times with the same leaves. Less need for cold tea in the microwave. :+1:

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