Sauces for Smoked Salmon?

I’m pretty experienced with “smoking” salmon, but besides eating it as-is or in spreads, I don’t have much experience with incorporating cold-smoked, kippered or “smoked” (BBQ) salmon into other dishes.

Over the holiday weekend, I kippered a steelhead. Tonight I decided to use a chunk in a pasta dish, and scrambled to put together a sauce for fettucini. I lacked dill and garlic, so I tried sauteed onion, capers, lemon juice and zest, cream and chives. I flaked the fish in, and added some halved grape tomatoes that had been macerating in EVOO, chives and salt. More lemon zest, a little Romano, and chive blossoms atop the pasta. Turned out better than I’d thought.

So, what do you like or sauces with smoked fish like salmon?

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No sauces, but I like to incorporate smoked salmon into scrambled eggs as well as a garnish on some cubed soft silken tofu with a drizzle of ponzu, and some bonito flakes (for that extra briny umami on top of the salmon).

I also like to make a salmon dip using non-fat Greek yogurt, some dill and thyme.

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Some kind of dairy. Can be yogurt, cream, quark etc and they can be combined. Snipped chives or dill, hard boiled eggs and beetroot in the dairy can also be added to the dairy.

Just very normal to eat smoked/cured/cold seafood with dairy in the cuisines of northern Europe, Scandinavia and all the way to Russia.

With (pasteurised) egg yolks is also nice

I love a cold horseradish cream sauce (horseradish, crème fraîche, s&p, maybe dill or chives) with smoked salmon. A very thin cuke raita can also be nice.

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For hot-smoked salmon: Ina Garten’s smoked salmon dip. I skip the horseradish, and add Worcestershire and tabasco.

For cold smoked: just gimme a bagel or some crackers, please, and a little cream cheese or boursin. Dill pickles on the side.

I second the recommendation for a horseradish sauce! For cooked applications, I have made and really enjoyed this Farfalle with Creamy Smoked Salmon and Vodka Sauce, although you can use whatever pasta shape your prefer.

Thanks. You know, I had horseradish, and briefly considered it. I was worried that it might overpower the kippered fish. But on the strength of your rec, I’ll try it. Thanks Again.

I hope you enjoy it!

A lighter alternative might be Patricia Wells’ chive dressing.

Ultra lemony Hollandaise (meaning like twice the lemon juice) all the way. I use equal parts lemon juice and egg yolks with almost twice a much by volume butter. Works on lox or hot smoked.

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I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and onions. That’s the 3/4 Jewish part of me; the 1/4 not Jewish part of me applies liberal amounts of Tapatio sauce to the dish.

I also like Tapatio on matzo brei instead of applesauce.

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I love smoked salmon mousse. You can adjust the ratio as desired
But that’s what I use:

3 Tbs clarified butter
1/4 lb smoked salmon ( clod smoke)
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 Tbs lemon juice
1 Tbs minced chives
1 Tbs chopped parsley
I do pretty heavy/salty brine/cure before smoking, so no additional seasoning is needed. Salmon, butter, and lemon juice are puréed in a food processor. Heavy cream whipped to stiff pick. Fold 1/2 whipped cream into salmon. Add herbs and fold the second half of whipped cream in. Refrigerate.


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