Sauce recommendations for Fillet of lamb ?


I’m making fillet of lamb next week for 4 persons. So 4 steaks, pan seared.

I don’t have any lamb stock at hand, so what sauce would you recommend ?

I could do pan sauce with the fond from the lamb (I’m pan searing the lamb), add some wine and challots and deglaze for a traditional pan sauce, but I had a deeper dark reduction sauce in mind, but wothout lamb stock I’m stuck :wink:

I also though about a Hollandaise with mint added.

I’m making potatoe fondant and pan roasted brussel sprouts as side.

Any ideas ?

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Instead of a French-style sauce, maybe a mint chimichurri.


Ahhh…tried to make that one many times, and it’s not my favorite.

A bit too simple in taste for me. And raw garlic is not my cup of tea, unless I’m making a pesto, where it can be hidden a bit more.

But thanks.

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Mint jelly in any event

My favorite sauce eon lamb is cilantro pesto.

Ok, I’m looking for a varm sauce. Not a cold one.

I would think a nice red wine reduction is all that is needed with lamb tenderloin.



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Too basic. In that case I’d go for a hollandaise with mint herbs.

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A classic Cumberland sauce is served cold but I find it works well warmed through.


Truffle sauce - porto, vegetable broth, black truffle, corn starch, salt and pepper.

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Do you have fond blanc and a bit of lamb juice?

Yannick Alleno’s recipe, so it’s labour intensive. Just to give an idea. If you’re interested, I will scan you the whole recipe.

Cut the vegetables into 2 cm cubes. Cook them in salted water, drain, then put them to dry overnight in the oven at 60°C. Rehydrate each vegetable separately in a sauté pan with its extraction and a bit
of butter. Cut the lamb liver also into 2 cm cubes, blanch it, then dry it in the same way as the vegetables. Hydrate it in a pan with a little lamb juice and white stock.

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Arugula sauce - arugula, butter, chicken fond blanc salt and pepper


This rhubarb and mint sauce is excellent with lamb.
“* 200ml cider vinegar

  • 200g granulated sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2.5cm piece ginger , peeled and grated
  • 1 red onion , very finely sliced
  • 350g trimmed rhubarb , cut into 4cm lengths
  • about 10 mint leaves, torn“

If you want a warm sauce and the delicious cilantro pesto isn’t your thing, then I would do a classic green peppercorn sauce.


I don’t mind a bit of mint in a marinade for lamb (heavier pieces like bone-in leg), but I normally don’t like mint flavor in the sauce itself. I think this is a legacy of having had one too many poorly prepared lamb roasts with the host using mint jelly to try to cover over the faults of the roast.

Given you have a week, why not get some bone-in piece like shoulder chop or steak, and sacrifice it to make enough lamb stock to proceed with your original plan?

Sounds like a wonderful dinner, by the way. You have some lucky friends!


Two recent winners were what I call faux hollandaise.

Heat several tablespoons creme fraiche until simmering. Add a flavor element (julliened mint OR dash of curry powder). Whisk in until well mixed then whisk in as much butter as it will hold, which will be a lot.

I have used both of these with boned, sliced rack of lamb wih delicious effect!
(For fish or vegetables, use preserved lemon for the flavor element.)

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My faux Hollandaise is mayo mixed with fresh lemon juice. I use it for dipping artichokes, and with asparagus.


+2 on the Red wine reduction, I would add perhaps Rosemary or Thyme with Shallot and Chives.

I believe that a Tahini with Maple Syrup and Lemon would go rather nicely.

Or even a Balsamic vinegar reduction with Garlic, Shallots and choice of Sprig herb.

Also the old steak standby recipe with coating the lamb with Butter Rosemary and Garlic.

The Chimichurri mentioned above does sound inviting.
If you are not a fan of mint you could do a combination of green leaves that you do enjoy for the Chimichurri sauce.

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I’ve never had nor made chimichurri with mint. AFAIK, ingredients are just olive oil, a lil RWV, fresh parsley, garlic, chiles, dried oregano. All of which would work fabulous with any grilled piece of lamb IMO.