Sarawak Pepper--A Big Deal?

So, Wahine found a piece on steak frites that trumpets the Sarawak black peppercorns from Borneo.

Who has used it, and what distinguishes Sarawak from Tellicherry or other black peppers? When I was last in Paris, I was tipped that a pepper from Madagascar, commonly referred to as “Sauvage” was the greatest thing since baguettes en cuit. I bought a quantity from G. Detou, and like it a lot. But how does Sarawak differ in flavor and use?

Hard to describe, I have a bag of Sarawak peppercorn lying around, just ate one, it’s woody taste, with citrus aroma, powerful but not overwhelming. I tried another Phu Quoc pepper that I have to compare, it has less taste, a bit washout when compared to the Sarawak peppercorn. I don’t know Tellicherry, so can’t help. I see the dose of corns they put in the sauce, that steak should be really delicious. My favourite pepper is from Kampot, Sarawak is just on the same level.

Not much experience with Sarawak and the unfamiliar Kampot origin, but i’m in love lately with Timut pepper, very interesting taste profile, like subtle sichuan pepper in a very pleasant way

Don’t think I’ve run into it. Here’s what SE has to say

  • Not all pepper is grown in India. Lampong pepper is a very good Indonesian variety. Though it’s still not as good as Tellicherry, it provides a nicely bold flavor that’s somewhat hotter and more aromatic—not a ribeye cut from the world’s finest cows, but a high quality tenderloin. If you’re not looking for a cut of beef alone on a plate, but maybe taco meat that goes well with other fixings, Sarawak pepper is a perfectly good option. It comes from Malaysia’s Sarawak state, an area better known for its white pepper. But it also produces this pleasant, mild black pepper. For stand-alone black pepper flavor, Malabar or Tellicherry is a better option; Sarawak black pepper is nice when used in a blend of spices, adding a simple, wispy note of black-pepper flavor.

I found this article pretty thin and conclusory. But it let to another SE one with more meat on its bones:

It would have been nice if it had included the Madagascar pepper I like, to see a comparison…

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