SAPORI DEL VALLE..fresh, bagged pasta??

This brand is the best thing after home-made fresh pasta. Comes in so many cut shapes that are not usual in the US, and a few long pastas as well. Trouble is, it’s not easy to find. I’ve seen it at Teitel in the Bronx, and once in a while, at DiPalo. And the ShopRite on the LIE in Riverhead used to have it in its own dedicated case, but have not been there in many months so not sure if it’s still there. And IGA in Greenport even carries it.

But where can I find a consistent supply in NYCity, preferable in Manhattan? They have a wholesale outlet in Farmingdale but did not answer the phone when I called earlier. Hoping someone here will give me a clue…it’s superb and certainly beats the drive to Borgatti.

Assume you checked Instacart?

Last time I noticed, which was a while ago, they carried it at Frank and Sal Prime Meats on 18th Ave in Bensonhurst. I think they also have a store in SI.

Thanks, Jen…I could take a ride out there…is the one in Bensonhurst worth the drive from Manhattan? You told me about Coluccio’s long ago…that’s the kind of store I love!

Thanks, Saregama…I never bought from Instacart…their prices seemed kind of high and I have to look at the delivery fees (have to admit I know nothing bout them)…guess I am old school…and I actually LIKE to shop for food! Do you buy from them?

No, but I use them to figure who who stocks things — has saved me a lot of trips!

ETA: sometimes the cost is worth it if you factor in travel time, transport costs, and so on.

(FYI when i just looked it said Westside market carries the brand)

Saregama, thanks so much…very good to know about Instacart.

I walked past Ideal Cheese (1st Avenue/52nd St) near my home this morning; it’s a great cheese shop that also carries a lot of imported canned, bagged, etc items. I often buy dried pasta from them. Lo and behold, what was in the cold case? Two shapes of Sapori del Valle pasta! High priced, and not my preferred shapes, but I did buy a bag of cavatelli. BUT, one of the guys working there overheard me asking about other shapes, and he told me that the C-Town on Graham and Metropolitan Aves has an entire case of this pasta in many different shapes. Very good to know; now I have to get over there to stock up, unless Instacart works out…

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Instacart also came up with a chain called Guiseppe’s that stocks a bunch — if you’re buying once in a while, might be worth the cost (esp if you add other specialty goods that are much steeper in the city). Restaurant Depot as well.

(On an unrelated note, welcome back, and come join us for a NYC HO group meal sometime!)

@erica1 This is the store that I mentioned popped up for delivery on Instacart (a different branch, but still).

Thanks, S!!! Sounds like a few people are quite excited about this opening!!! Do I have to plan a trip out there, too???

I even looked into Restaurant Depot aka Jetro’s Cash and Carry…silly me…even If I could borrow credentials, the quantities are immense, and I have trouble with Costco sizes.

Sounds as if there are some good options for the pasta…will report back once I score.

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you’re driving to tinton falls to buy pasta? why not head to borgatta off of arthur ave for ravioli and fresh pasta?

I love Borgatti, but as far as I know, the only fresh they sell are the long, chitarra-shape pastas (love their old machine!) and cavatelli. But I do need to take a trip back there to stock up! And Teitel does sell Sapori del Valle. (I’m not really going to New Jersey for pasta…but that store does sound interesting).

so there’s an Uncle Guiseppe’s in Yorktown which took the place of one of one of our favorite local grocery stores, Turcos. If it’s the same store, while it’s very good, not sure it’s better than say a wegmans.

you’re right about borgatta, limited shapes, we usually load up on ravioli and purchase a pound or two of fresh cut pasta. I read somewhere that teitel’s has an exclusive on a very good dried pasta, been meaning to see if I can find the article again and give it a try.


And Borgatta delivers…Just sayin’.

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In the DMV, this pasta brand is available at Restaurant Depot. They also go by the name Jetro. It was membership only and then you could shop during the early part of the pandemic. Not sure of the current status. You just need a resale tax account and business license to join.

Jetros not worth it for a small quantity of anything (assuming Erica qualifies). i tried to buy there for my church - was able to set up a membership - but it was a nightmare, its just not set up for purchases in less than case quantities, not very clean, not super quality, definitely for the trade. Im sure restaurants enjoy purchasing this item, though, if its still carried.

Saw them in La Bella in Staten Island today. Every type of pasta known to me

or a kansas city bbq society membership!

I went by Frank and Sals in Bensonhurst today andthey are not currently carrying the Saporo delle Valle pasta tho they have lots of other good stuff including excellent muscat grapes today. Mostly Italian spoken in the aisles.