Uncle Giuseppe - Shrewsbury-Tinton Falls NJ

Alright I will admit a few things here;
1.) I’ve been anxiously awaiting this grand opening of this store with a curious amount of gleeful anticipation.
2.) Apparently I was NOT the only one. Holy Smokes Batman
3.) Attempted Friday and I wouldn’t have stood in that line to see Jim Morrison back from the dead.
4.) Tried again Saturday, now re-read #3
5.) Sunday the wife AND daughter team got me so we went. (Insider tip - try parking by the dollar store)
6.) Holy Kamoly I have NO IDEA what this attraction was.

The flowing sea of humanity was 2-3 deep at all counter, deli - seafood- butcher so it was impossible to get a good look at unless you wanted to throw elbows like Larry Bird.

Trying to be a pacifist and avoid what seemed to be an endless line of possible Karen’s made the trip particularly unpleasant. We grabbed what we could and skipped probably 60% of the store. Honestly I can’t believe covid is still a thing after that cluster fudge.

Long story short I didn’t see any bargains and as far as the food:

Sausage shrunk significantly and was almost like a dried meat. Bleh
Raviolis, I chose medium square because my new favorite Pastosas are so rich it’s a less is more situation.
Garlic marinara
Homemade rigatoni
Prosciutto bread
Semolina twist
Fresh mozzarella
Ricotta cheese
Pecorino Romano grated

Overall I would say was better at Pastosas. Nothing was bad, but this is becoming a crowded market and I would say thus far I think smaller is better.

I will return and report back.


I haven’t been yet, but I’m staying far away because everything I’ve read has mentioned how packed it is. Separate of that, friends who go to one of their stores waaaay up in NNJ say a lot of it is overpriced. The coupons they sent will probably get me to go at least once, but no time soon. I’d much rather go to Pastosas!


The lentil soup was excellent!

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Hmm…I used to like you @NotJrvedivici :wink:


I was hoping they would use all that space, and their relative buying power with all the other stores, to bring in hard to get imported stuff. Anyone see anything like that??

We had an Uncle G’s in Westchester and it was smaller. I loved it. I understand they enlarged it since we left.

I have a number of family members who go to the Ramsey location and say the same.


Yeah, getting older really sucks…


Way to crowded for me to take that close of a look.

I’ve enjoyed getting Arthur Ave bread and breadsticks at Uncle G from Addeo. They usually have beautiful fresh fish and high end meats, veal, store made mozz, vast cheese selection and produce. The flyer is the same with TF grand opening pricing at MP and Ramsey, Reggiano Parm $9.99. They are not a bargain on most items, but often have reasonable sale pricing in their weekly specials. I very much prefer Pastosa ravioli and wouldn’t buy G’s ravioli price notwithstanding.


My friend happened upon a soft opening there on Wednesday. She got lucky. No crowds.

Is it anything like Loviti’s Old World Markets?

Yes, there is a new, larger Uncle G’s in Yorktown. I’m not overly impressed, but I don’t buy most of the stuff that they sell. As others here said, I think that they are overpriced, but they seem to be doing very well.

They have a room where they make fresh mozzarella, but I’ve never seen it in use. Nor have I seen any samples available.

I loved their store made turkey in the deli department. They also had a nice selection of cheeses.

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