[Santa Clara] Arusuvai- Tamil Nadu eats

Arusuvai is a restaurant serving food from the state of Tamil Nadu. I have them bookmarked for their biryani, which is made using seeraga samba rice. I came here one day when my first choice lunch place nearby was full.

Chicken biryani:

The seeraga samba rice was quite wet, the wettest I have had in a biryani. Hidden from view were pieces of seasoned chicken. I’d say the biryani was average, compared to a similar one from Bawarchi that’s made with seeraga samba rice a while ago.

The gongura goat curry was a mess. Salty but without much nuance. Did not like it.

Perhaps I should have stuck with the dosa and the oothappam side of the menu. They have a 2-person size 2 feet wide dosa on the menu.

The restaurant is clean, new and comfortable looking.

Anyone else been? What’s good?


This event happened not too long ago. Could be interesting for those who likes Chettinad food.

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