[San Lorenzo] Sisi's Hong Kong Cafe 香港茶餐廳

We had a group meal here recently. Sisi is a jack-of-all trade Hong Kong food restaurant. Its essentially a cha chang-teng (tea cafe), bbq, noodle, soy sauce western, etc. all rolled into one.

We had:

Rice-roll with gravy- not a big fan of the gravy.

Empress chicken- quite a good version with yellow feather chicken. Recommended.

Braised egg noodle with beef brisket. Its decent.

Chiu Chow salted fish pork cake. Its quite good. Not just one dimensional salty, like many versions are.
I didn’t expect that a little cafe in a strip mall got some Chiu Chow chops. Very enjoyable with white rice.

Portugese baked chicken rice- pretty decent with thigh meat and fried rice underneath the baked sauce.

Not sure what its called in English. Let’s just say yin-yang fried rice, with tomato sauce on one side and a creamy sauce with shrimp on the other. The creamy side tasted pretty good.

Baked pork chop rice- skip. Not one of their stronger dishes.

Overall, a budget friendly meals with some enjoyable dishes. If I live nearby I will be curious to try more of their other dishes. But since this is the first time I’ve been to San Lorenzo in my nearly twenty years of living in the Bay Area, it may take me a long while to have a reason to be in San Lorenzo again.