San Leon Oyster Festival

We came, saw, and ate copious amounts of oysters.

The setup, at Bayshore Park about one hundred yards from Galveston Bay. It was cloudy and windy keeping the temperature down. You pay your twenty-five bucks, grab a beer and que up for various types of grilled oysters.

There were a lot of people there and the lines took about ten minutes to get two or three if you are lucky. The Wifeacita quickly found out to eat the oysters back in line instead of scarfing them down on the spot. The pacing worked out well.

I did most of my damage on the raw ones, there were a couple of places that served them with pretty much no lines so you could grab four of the size you like, eat and repeat.

The oysters themselves were very good with some nice brine. I’m not a big cocktail sauce guy and the Wifeacita described it as pretty much ketchup and suggested we bring our own next time.

Lambsy you expressed concerns about temperature control but there were eight are so booths and the oysters were brought out in twenty pound ish sacks and were consumed or grilled almost immediately.

Lot’s of friendly folks, tons of oysters, live music and a good time was had by all.

What did General MacArthur say? Something along the lines of “I shall return.”

That’s San Leon, not the Philippines.


Any guesses on how many you were able to slide down? :fork_and_knife::beer:

Thirty, probably more as the raw ones were going down at a furious pace four at a time. I’d take a break every now and then and wait in line ten minutes or so for grilled ones and return for more raw.

I’m not a slide down guy. My method is smashing between the tongue and the roof of the mouth releasing max flavor.


I love smooshimg them back and forth in my mouth before swallowing. I’ll bite down, if necessary.

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These methods astound me. Dunk in highly horseradished sauce and chew along with a saltine. I can’t put it on the saltine, but have to resort to biting pieces of it. Something about smooshing, smashing and pinning leaves me sqwee. :scream:

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The older I get I’ve become a minimalist. Usually a slight amount of sauce or nothing at all using the smash method between the tongue and roof of mouth.

My first encounter with raw oysters was at Angelo’s Fisherman’s Wharf on South Main. I was hooked after seven or so.

Pretty sure my first ones were at Christies.

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